How to Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

Hey guys! This posn’t isn’t going to be my typical fashion inspired post.  As most of you know I live in the state of Arizona. Arizona equals HOT. Today the weather hit 113 here in the City of Surprise. Ouch. So if you can imagine our energy bills during these hot Summer months are pretty […]

Red Hair/ Instagram Lately

  Hey guys! I know Ive been MIA, with two toddlers it’s so hard to update my blog.  I wanted to share with you guys my new red hair.  My daughter makes fun of me and says I look like Ariel the Mermaid but I CAN’T be her because I don’t have a tail.  Makes […]

Where have we been?

Hey guys! Just wanted to give anyone who’s reading this a quick update about the blog. I’ve been a really bad blogger and haven’t been blogging too much because not only did I get promoted at work so I had to go into the office and do some training classes, but I also had NO […]

Life in Instagram and Easter Looks- to Selfy or Not Selfy

    Hey guys! I’ve been a little MIA lately but life has been so busy lately. Not only have I been preparing for Easter, (baking things and cooking while each thing goes horribly wrong!) but i’ve been spending time with my little muffins and I have a great giveaway coming up tomorrow that I […]

Why I Hate Juan Pablo

  My favorite show in the entire world is The Bachelor. Juan Pablo you fucking ruined the whole goddamn show for me. Simply said. Usually I don’t use such foul language in my blog posts but fuck I’m mad! I’ve had an abnormally horrible week so I thought I would take to my blog and […]

Mila’s Trip to the Zoo


Where have I been the last 3 months? Life update…Part 1

Ok so I keep telling you guys Im back and then I disappear again for 3 months. Well so much has been going on, my life has been so overwhelming. Not only am I working 60 hours a week, but I’m taking care of my two beautiful babies both under the age of 2. Mila […]

We are Moving & an Update

So first, I would like to say I’m sorry for my lack of posts lately, but no need to worry I will return soon with tons of reviews and giveaways, I have been crazy busy, plus we are moving to WordPress finally! I’m so excited, not that I haven’t enjoyed my time with Blogger, but […]

>My ♥ Mila…


>Merry Xmas!


>Please vote!

> Please help my friend Amy win in this adorable Halloween Picture Contest… All you have to do is like the below pic on Facebook.. click here Thanks guys!

>Nursery "Before" Pics

> Isn’t this pretty? It has a candle in the middle with a timer.. my Aunt made it for me! Stay tuned for “After” pics.. the finished result! 

>My Sweet Bella….

> Just a little tribute to my Bells…. because I love her!

>Rest In Peace Amy Winehouse

> RIP Amy Winhouse.. one of my absolute favorite songs EVER is by Amy Winhouse.. and here it is, from You Tube. Better version of “Will you Still Love me Tomorrow”

>My Nursery & Baby Shower

> The theme of my nursery and baby shower is going to be Hello Kitty. Isn’t the above nursery pic adorable? I’m going to style my nursery around this idea. I love the pink walls with the white cribbing set. Along with the nursery, I pulled together some Hello Kitty Baby Shower ideas… anyone got […]

>Pregnancy Update!

> I was so excited to get to try out the IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test. I first saw this at Baby’s R Us then I saw it on other blogs being reviewed. A lot of my friends laughed at this and said there is no way it would work. “I would give you my prediction […]

>Pregnancy Update

> I’m 19 weeks pregnant and tomorrow I get to find out gender…. Just an update for you guys.. I will let you know what the verdict is.. I know many of you are dying to know if my Intelligender test was correct. (I took TWO tests that both said Boy) We will see!

>Happy 100th Birthday!

> Happy 100th birthday to my Grandma! It’s so crazy that she is 100 years old, and we threw a big party for her yesterday to celebrate. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!

>2011 Ugliest Dog Competition

> Isn’t Yoda cute? He is the winner of the ugliest dog competition for 2011! He’s so ugly he’s adorable!! Poor guy.. Runner-up!

>Cheating Bloggers

> This original post is from the blog, “Mommy Goggles” and was written there. I have permission to copy this and take this to MY blog, because this person has not only won once but at least twice here and my other website, and I was thinking they were just lucky. They are now banned […]

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