Friday the 13th

Yes I know this is generally a fashion blog, but I had to show some cute Hello Masks, including a Friday the 13th mask I found it appropriate for the date. Did you know there are 13 Friday the 13ths in 2012? And each one is exactly 13 weeks apart? Freaaaakky….

>Hello Kitty Remix

> Are you sick of hearing about Hello Kitty yet? I can’t help it, she’s so cute! Courtesy of one of my favorite blogs, Being Alison, here is a Hello Kitty Remix! Of course in celebration of her birthday

>Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!

> Happy Birthday to Hello Kitty who turned 37 on November 1st! Sanrio launched 2 limited edition collaborations to celebrate! Available at Sanrio.Com  November is always the month of the Kitty. It starts with her birthday and a ton of cute must-have collaborations. This year, we’ve already seen an over the top adorable collection at […]

>Hello Kitty Boiled Egg Shaper

> A lot of people emailed me and asked where I got the Hello Kitty Egg Shaper, and it’s from a place called JBOX where you can purchase Japanese products. Of course you will pay extra for shipping because it’s coming from Japan, but you won’t find such things anywhere else. It sells for $7.25 […]

>Too Cute for Words

> I just felt like posting something “cute” and off topic. Two things I love are hello kitty and my precious Bella. And with my new camera, I’ve been trying to capture Bella’s cutest moments. I’m also obsessing over Hello Kitty lately, especially with the new HK line at Sephora. So here’s another random post […]

>Hello Kitty coming to Vans

> Everyone knows I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty! Some might say Hello Kitty is for children, I say she is the most gorgeous stylish kitty around, and she will never go out of style. “The Hello Kitty Vans collection will be available at Vans Retail, the Vans online store at and Vans dealers nationwide […]

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