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One of my favorite affordable fashions, is this dress from Cherish I think I purchased it from JC Penny for 10.99$. I love how flattering it is to my body type, (and probably all body types) sinces it’s tight up top and then gets a bit looser as it dwindles down. The dress is a little long for my preference, but I wore it to church on this particular day. The necklace is from Express and I paid $29 for it probably 3 years ago.

This is a dress that anyone could wear, even someone on the heavier side, I think the white top and black bottom makes short, tall, skinny and fat alike look great in this dress. It’s very light too, it might look a little heavy because of the bottom part but it’s super comfortable. I’m wearing a size small.

Do you like my hair red or blonde? I think red makes me look a bit younger, and the blonde makes me look older. But I’m curious what your opinion is.  I have some really fun exciting posts coming up, so stay tuned !

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