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Hey guys! If you haven’t heard of it, SheIn is in my top 5 online clothing boutiques that I shop at. Probably in the top 3. I call it an “upgraded” forever 21 because of the prices and fabulous quality. Their sales are amazing, the other day I got a buy one get one free top and the first top was only $8.00 with free shipping.  If you follow along on my blog, you will be reading a lot about this company, so I thought I would first introduce all of you by showing some of my favorites looks in my SheIn Wishlist.


The first one is a collage of a few of my favorite skirts currently listed on their site, along with the latest style, the wide cuffed long sleeved tops.

sheiin skirts


Another style I’m currently obsessing over is the “Pinafore Dress” I have been blogging about fashion/clothes for a while now, and the “Pinafore Dress” was a new term to me, until a few weeks ago. SheIn has so many adorable Pinafore outfits, here are a few of my favorite.

Shein Pinafore Dresses





My last look is chokers which seems to be the newest fashion, and I have to tell you I love it. My boyfriend jokingly refers to them as dog collars, but I love the little tie necklaces with a cute romper! SheIn has so many too!.



Visit SheIn now for up to 90% off select items!



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