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I recently bought a pup from a Craigs List post. I was told she was a “Morkie” But my own stupidity, I didn’t get any papers on her, in fact the owner after having some conversations with her, AFTER the fact, wasn’t quite sure what her parents were. When I look at the puppy I see Chihuahua. When you buy a new puppy you should obviously get papers, and see the parents BEFORE you purchase the puppy.   So, needless to say, I’ve made a few mistakes, but fortunately for me, there are ways to find out your dog’s breed and much more.



Regardless of what her DNA is, I love her just the same, BUT paid $500 thinking she was a Morkie (Half Maltese Half Yorkie)  My kids love her too so we plan on keeping her. (Especially my daughter who is obsessed with the puppy.


But I would like to know what her DNA Is, and her background. That is where Wisdom Panel 3.0 comes in. Knowing your dog’s breed ancestry information is critical in knowing about proper nutrition, training and overall healthcare. Throughout the country there are millions of mixed-breed dog owners and these dog owners, like myself, can have a better understanding of the breeds that makeup their dog with a new canine DNA test known as the Wisdom Panel® 3.0.

Not only does Wisdom Panel find out the specific breed type of your dog, but it also rules out MDR1 which is a Genetic Mutation that some dogs can get.



How else can you and your pup benefit from Wisdom Panel 3.0?

•Covers 250+ breeds, types and varieties including all those recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and can be run for mixed-breed, designer, or purebred dogs.
•Provides ancestry information back to the great-grandparent level, MDR1 Genetic Mutation screening results, and a predicted weight profile.
•The test consists of two swabs that you rub between the gum and the dog’s cheek for 15 seconds to collect skin cells for DNA extraction.
•Results than take about 2-3 weeks to receive.
•The benefits of the test include MDR1 mutation testing, training program development, a better understand of your dog’s behavior, help achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for your dog, understand your dog’s breed-specific health concerns or any common issues.


Find out more about Wisdom Panel® 3.0 on December 5, 2015 at the Holiday Pet Festival in Scottsdale, AZ. At the event, your dog can be swabbed on site for a discounted price of $39.99. If you would like to purchase a take home kit, you can do so at a discounted rate of $49.99 (MSRP $84.99).

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