Painting the Town with Red Bottom Heels

As a woman, what is it that first thing that comes to mind about red sole heels? There are definitely a lot of different types of shoes to be fascinated about, but why is it that red bottoms for women become the first priority?

It all began with the airing of the hit series ‘ex and the City?which sparked the craze for the ever famous red sole high heels. Since then, this trend has been well adapted by many celebrities the likes of Beyonc? J Lo, Norah O’onnell, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many more. It’s apparent that these shoes have a sensual design like it was intended to look hot and sexy on its own, but there is more meaning behind the concept.

These shoes are not mere footwear, but pieces of art. The soles are the most obscure part of the shoes that no one really cares about and is rarely getting noticed. Red, in particular, is a color that has a lot of meaning. It represents, love, passion, warmth, and intensity. For a woman, it’s more than just color, it’s a form of expression. Add that color to the soles of super sexy shoes and you have a jaw-dropping, head-turning combination.

But high heels are uncomfortable, is it worth wearing given its apparently painful notoriety? Coming from the sought-after French designer Christian Louboutin himself, high heeled shoes especially the ones with red soles, transforms the entire body language of the body. Being sexy and beautiful is a petty price to pay. Although, high heel experts claim to have gone beyond the pain with lots of practice and the right method. The next time you plan to socialize, you might want to eye on a pair of sexy high heels with hot red soles.

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