IT Cosmetics Obsession/QVC Special Value! Today Only 3/27





Ok I know I need to stop gushing about IT Cosmetics, but I’m addicted. I’ve been running around wearing absolutely no foundation, only my full coverage CC Cream and my skin is looking airbrushed. People have been asking me what I’m wearing, and my why my skin looks glowing.No joke. So of course when I saw that today’s special value on QVC was my beloved 5 piece Radiant Skin Set , I had to jump right away off the couch and on to the blog to let you guys know. It’s selling for $59.96 today only so get yours quick. I’m currently swearing by this stuff. The brush alone in the set sells for around $40, so you’re getting a huge deal.



This looks better then most of my high I’m also breaking out, can you tell? ( I don’t think so!!!)

If any of you have tried any of these new products from IT Cosmetics I would love to know what you think. Am I the only one obsessed with this stuff?






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