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Did you know today September 29th is National Coffee Day? Neither did I till a couple weeks ago. Perhaps the most important time of the day is right when I wake up and drink my coffee. I can’t imagine my life without it.  Literally. It gets me ready, pumped up  and prepared for the day. Coffee gives me energy and gives me the strength to get up, get ready, get the kids ready, off to daycare, work and lots of daytime stress. I could write a novel about the reasons I love my cup of coffee.

I even drink a second cup of coffee with friends later in the day, right after lunch. I don’t do soda, or other sugar drinks, coffee is the perfect social wake up drink that still tastes good later in the day. (I just add ice!) When people tell me they don’t drink coffee I just don’t understand. Almost like when people drink  decaf coffee. What’s the point? I love the energy it gives me and it’s the perfect “pick me up” anytime I need a little boost. It’s also like looking for the perfect pair of jeans, you’re never done looking for  the BEST cup of coffee.



Eight O’Clock Coffee  Central Perk Roast, made out of 100% Arabic beans from all over the world, and packaged in Landover Maryland.  has been  my brew of choice for the last week. They have been brewing up their delicious coffee for over 150 years.  I’m  loving the flavor and the story behind it is one of a kind. If you are a fan of the show, “Friends” then you will be intrigued to know the Central Perk Roast was created by Eight O’Clock Coffee and inspired by the coffee shop seen in the show where Monica, Ross, Rachel and more gathered to talk, gossip and relax.


I was one of many who was sad when Friends was over. I  loved watching each week while friends sat in a quiet coffee shop and talked about so many different topics. My favorite moments from the show usually were centered around the  clips of “Central Perk” Coffee shop.   So many classic scenes were shot right in that little coffee shop; one of my favorites is when Phoebe sang, “Smelly Cat”. Probably my favorite clip of all time from Friends.



Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the show, “Friends” With Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Central Perk Roast! 

Eight O’Clock Coffee created the one of a kind, “Central Perk Roast” with the show “Friends” on their mind.  The limited edition coffee was inspired by the characters we love so much , like Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey and Chandler. (Rachel was always my personal favorite) Finally huge fans of the show can bring the iconic Central Perk Coffee shop into their own home with this coffee.  It will be available nationwide in most grocery stores for $6.99 a bag.

Another way they are celebrating the limited edition coffee is creating a pop-up replica of Central Perk, located at Manhattan’s soho neighborhood at 100 Lafayette, (at the corner of Broome Street), the commemorative  pop up will be serving free cups of Eight O’Clock Coffee, and feature tons of authentic memorabilia  including the famous iconic orange couch that the cast sat on;  and improv acts similar to MY favorite Friend’s moment, “Smelly Cat”.  (Don’t remember) Video below…


Remember, today is National Coffee Day! Visit the coffee shop listed above today for tons of giveaways,  fun activities that any coffee/Friends fan will love, and of course free coffee. Who doesn’t love free coffee? I know I do.   If you’re  like me and don’t live anywhere near the festivities, you can meet up on Eight O’Clock’s Facebook page  to take part in amazing giveaways  and the chance to win a trip to LA  to visit the Warner Brother Studios.   You can even take part in some of the action on their Twitter Page, just follow @8OClockCoffee. Make sure you Visit the 8O’ClockCoffee website to find out more information on all the giveaways and where you can purchase your coffee.

And who would I be if I didn’t offer you special deals on the coffee?  

– When you purchase one complete DVD set of the show, “Friends” and a bag of  8 O’Clock Coffee together, you get $3 off the entire price.

-Purchase 3 bags of any 8 O’Clock Coffee and receive a special limited edition Central Perk Coffee Mug.

And because I’m THAT much of a Friends Fanatic, here is one more of my favorite clips from the show… What’s your favorite?

Make Sure you visit for more information on the coffee, where you can buy it, the prizes and more!!!!


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