The Perfect Diamond for Spring




Ok so every post I’ve been writing lately has been directed towards Spring. I’ve told you guys what colors are perfect, what type of clothing, but I haven’t said anything about jewelry. So I found an affordable jewelry site that focuses on a girl’s best friend, diamonds.  The website is Gemporia, and not only do they have an amazing gallery of diamonds to choose from, they have live auctions every Saturday night to showcase their products. (Will tell you more in a bit…)


Diamond Sterling Silver Earrings 0.11cts  – RRP $626

Gemporia isn’t only rings; they sell necklaces and bracelets; all different colors, shapes and sizes. If you are married, engaged or have a boyfriend- you will want to tell them about this size because I fell in love with at least 4 of the diamond necklaces on their website.  Too bad Valentine’s Day just passed.  (So did my birthday)  Since Spring is all about pastels and floral prints this year, nothing would look better then a floral blouse with a gorgeous diamond pendant.  The best thing about a simple diamond necklace is you can wear it with anything.  You know how you have that one special necklace your man gave you that you wear all the time? That’s what Gemporia is.  That special piece of jewelry you wear 24/7 and really means something special.

Probably the coolest thing I learned about Gemporia, is that they do online auctions every Saturday night. It’s called Rocks TV. It’s an online auction where they auction off gorgeous diamonds. I’ve passed these channels late at night while looking for something on TV to watch, and never gave it a second thought, but it really is a clever idea. And since I’m already a huge fan of QVC, I started watching these auctions last night, and I was intrigued, not only by how popular it is, but how much I liked it!


Make sure you tune in  at 9PM Eastern on Saturday to watch the Diamond Auction. I know I will be tuning in watching for that one gorgeous diamond I just have to have.  And if you don’t have cable or can’t get to a TV, you can always follow along on the Gemporia Auction Tab on their website.  And check out their gorgeous pieces  on their website anytime.


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