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Spring is here which means bright colors- pastels, floral prints- bright colored jeans. Floral prints are my favorite style this season so I’ve been going crazy with the  really pretty blouses and bright denim.  Just yesterday I wore a flowered top with white jeans and bright Coach pumps.


flower flower1



Had no one to shoot me today so I had to make due with my own photos.  My top is from J Crew and is now on sale.  I paired it with a Modern Boutique’s Stella Crystal Necklace for a a friend of our’s birthday party yesterday.  I think the whole outfit screams Spring. I’m also obsessing over yellow. When I went on a a little shopping trip to Forever 21 I found both on sale. The floral shoes which were normally $32 were on sale for $15.  I am obsessed with these shoes! I can’t wait to pear the top with my new Rag N Bone Jeans I found on a vintage trade shop site. With a pair of pumps I’m good to go.





These are a few trends of Spring. According to Elle Magazine and Glamour, here a few other trends for 2014:

Pastels- Ha! I already knew it- Pastels are so a must have for your closet. I love the mints and soft pinks. I’m still trying to find the perfect pastel pumps at an affordable price. Lilac is also a gorgeous pastel. The Peachy Peplum is from In Bloom Boutique and is a gorgeous pastel color.




Wide Leg Trousers- I personally do not have a pair of these yet. I’m a bit too short maybe for these? I’m 4’11 so I fear that they will make me look heavier then I appear. When I think about the “trouser” I think about a tall thin model with extremely long legs.  I did read however that if you are short like me and you want to wear this style of pant just for a pair that is leaner on the frame and higher waisted. These are  the Green Diamond  Palazzo Pants. I love the bright colors.





The Maxi Dress- I didn’t see this trend on Elle or Glamour, but after looking at all the online boutiques, and through my own personal style I love the long flowing dresses, even on my short body because if you find the right fit they are extremely flattering. And they are so comfortable. Because they aren’t form fitting they are perfect for even the days when you feel a little bit bloated. I really like this one from In Bloom, The BubbleGum. Plus it has the Chevron type print which is also trending for Spring.




All the above styles are available at In Bloom. I love the Plum Colored Jeans I picked up from their site. (Now on sale for $16) They come in a variety of colors including Red, Teal and Mustard. And at that price you could really pick up all of them. I don’t own much purple so I decided with all my floral print tops, this would be perfect.


bloom7 inbloom

Tropical Punch Top from Daily Look / Louboutins/Purple Blum Jeans from In Bloom


Top from a boutique in Sedona AZ/Purple Peplum Jeans/ Louboutins

So do you want to win a pair? Better yet a Gift Card to get what you really want from In Bloom? If you don’t win, no worries. You can coupon code MEANDBELLA15 for a 15% discount. But if you want to win, just fill out the Rafflecopter below and Good luck!

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  1. purple and blue

  2. Kobi Hensley says:

    I absolutely love the Pretty Lace dress ♥

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