My new Wall Creation with Mon Amie Paperie

We have this plain boring wall over the head of my  bed, and I wanted to change it up a bit.  Yes we are moving soon, and I’m not loving where we are living, but it needs a little bit of  decor while we are here. Wasn’t sure if I wanted a picture or some kind of arwork, but when I saw the things Mon Amie Paperie created I knew I wanted to see if I could create the same look. I first saw it on someone else’s wall, but I love the idea of 3D Butterflies above your headboard. I usually don’t shop on Etsy, but Monica who runs Mon Amie Paperie is so talented. I just want to show you guys a couple things shes creates…



How cool is the idea of a Recycled Book Paper Lantern?  It’s made out of discarded books and an atlas. I love the idea of this in an  office or study.



Monica also creates personalized fortune cookies. How amazing! I love the idea of maybe asking a girl to marry you, or a secret message to your spouse in a little cookie like this. The possibilities are endless. Monica does a lot of creative party favors, this comes in a pack of 12. So it would be perfect as a party favor.




Speaking of party favors, how gorgeous is this Tiffany’s blue party favor box.   Comes with rhinestones and beautiful lettering, I picture these at an elegant birthday party or maybe even a nice bridal shower.  These are only a few of the creations Monica makes from Mon Amie Paperie.




What really drew me in was the 3D Wall Butterflies. You can order these in pretty much any color  and quantity.  I really wanted to try this on my wall, the process is so easy. The butterflies come in an envelope along with sticky papers to glue on to the wall. Mila even helped me with the creation and although I don’t think mine looks as “put together” as the picture from Mon Amie Paperie’s website, I do love it, and the color really matches my bedspread as well as the entire room.


What do you think?




This was taken off my Instagram. Do you love? I know I do. I’m thinking I should have gotten a different color. Too much brown. To order your own butterflies, or any other personalized creation, visit Mon Amie Paperie for all beautiful paper artwork.  I want to do butterflies in my daughter’s room next in pink.    So what do you think? Is this something you would create in your bedroom?  Mon Amie Paperie also has an Etsy store where she sells gorgeous paper art. Visit her blog too to get inside her wonderful creative mind.




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