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If you’re a girl and you don’t have a pair of skinny jeans in your collection, then something is wrong. Skinny jeans are my absolute favorite thing to wear for all occasions. You can dress them up, dress them down, and they go with everything and anything. You can wear them with almost any pair of shoe from flats to heels to boots – you name it. Although I’ve told you guys several times you can find almost anything at Fashion Q or Forever 21, skinny jeans or jeans in general is the one thing I wouldn’t recommend shopping for at these type of stores. For jeans, you want something nice, something that will last. Remember, when you purchase something, regardless of the price you have to figure your “cost per wear” And jeans are worn ALL the time, so you want to splurge on a pair that will last.

Taken from Hip Chix site, “Hip Chixs is a Texas inspired premium denim line-two girls who LOVE denim! Hip Chixs is different because of our fabric and fit. Hip Chixs highlights the sexiness of a woman’s natural body with an extremely flattering fit. Our angled pockets and curved yoke, help to make your backside look more trim-Hip Chixs is really bringing out the best in every bottom. We focused on the butt because that is the first thing us women do when we try on a pair of jeans-we make sure our butt looks good!!
Hip Chixs not only focused on fit (makes you look a size smaller too)but on fabric-the 2 most important things when buying jeans.
We made our jeans lightweight and breathable so women can wear year round, no matter the climate (especially here in HOT TEXAS).
Also our fabric has amazing recovery-you won’t need to wash after every wear to keep its shape!
The average denim takes about 30 minutes to recover back to its original shape, Hip Chixs fabric takes less than 5 minutes.
Our fabric consists of a denim sateen that will comfortable hug in all the right places.”



Hip Chix is the In  N Out of Jeans. LOL What I mean is that they only have 3 pairs of jeans for sale on their site, but out of the 3, one of them is going to be your jean.


Skinny Bootie is our boot cut jean and has a dark blue/black wash and enzyme rinse.  From the hip to the knee, it is designed to fit as a skinny jean and then from the knee to the bottom opening it opens up to a boot. It is your American staple.

Straight and Narrow is our straight leg jean. It has a lighter enzyme wash with a grey tint to it. It fits the same as the skinny bootie from the hip to the knee and then the bottom opening is less wide making it more of a straight leg.

Skinny Indigo is a classic slimming jean, from the waist to the hem.  This jean is a must for any closet.

All of our jeans feature our signature “red rivet” on the coin pocket and red bar-tack at the bottom leg opening on the inseam. Inside the jean on the right pocket bag is our Texas shout out, “Ya’ll want some of this”. Our hardware is all Italian made and our product is made in Los Angeles.

I have the Skinny Indigo, ($187) which is the basic skinny jean dark wash,  98% cotton, 2 percent spandex, and the quality of  of this jean really shows. Although they may seem a little expensive, you get what you pay for, and that meaning is very important when it comes to jeans. It is a fashion “rule” that you have to have at least ONE expensive quality pair of jeans AND shoes in your closet. A pair that you can rely on all the time, your favorite pair that you will never get rid of . For me, these are my “favorite” skinny  jeans.  Just the feel of these says luxury. The material is thick, which is awesome because I don’t think it’s going to tear or rip, but it’s not thick enough to not be comfortable. I almost want to call these “jeggings” because they are stretchy and are super comfy. I ordered a size “25” which is my old waist size before I had a baby, and of course I’m probably a little bigger now, but I plan on losing about 8 more pounds.  They are a bit tight but still comfortable because of the thick stretchy material.  I have at least 10-25 skinny jeans in my stash, and these have been pronounced my absolute favorite.

Skinny Jeans can be worn year round. Wear with heels and a tank, or a sweater/jacket with boots, its one of the few things I’m wearing 12 months a year. I wanted to show you a couple outfits I put together with skinny jeans. I love how skinny jeans work WITH my curves too. For being only 5 foot, I have large hips, waist and a “bigger” butt.  The Hip Chix Jeans really makes those curves stand out without making you look fat. Finding the right jean is not something that just comes easy, it takes work or just pure luck. OR if you read blog reviews like I did, the knowledge comes a bit easier because thankfully you have ME to tell you what brands are good and which are crap! (Which will be an upcoming post I have in store for you!)

Hip Chix is definatly a store I’m glad I found, because I would be lost without my new Skinny Indigos. The label is so pretty too, (pictured above) your friends will be asking you, ” What brand are those gorgeous jeans?” I wore the  jeans with my new Modern Vintage Boutique Sweater and my new ZooShoo Boots I ordered.


Top is from Modern Vintage (similar from Asos) Jean from hip Chix / Boots from ZooShoos


Top from Nordstroms/Jacket from Mango/ Jeans from Hip Chix/ ALDO Ratkovich Fur Trimmed Booties /necklace from Daily Look



Floral Peplum Top from H & M/ Skinny Jeans from Hip Chix/ Pink Heels from Daily Look


Now you can win your own pair of gorgeous Hip Chix pants! ($178 value!) In your choice of size, style… etc) Fill out Rafflecopter below and cross your fingers!

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