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As many of you know i’ve been participating in the Slim Fast 14 day Challenge. It has been an amazing experience. 2 weeks ago I told you I was taking part in the challenge. Although many of you would say I’m already slim, I have this “flap” of fat around my mid section that I can’t get rid of! I’m sure it’s from having babies, but it’s sooo tough to tackle.  I work out and do tons of sit ups, but it still hasn’t dissapeared.

So what I’ve been doing is simple. I’ve been eating meal replacement bars twice a day, and then one good healthy meal. The shakes can also be used instead of the bars, and in between they have the MOST delicious double chocolate snack bars. When I tell you these are delicious, I’m not lying. I have since purchased them at the store because I’m obsessed with them and I prefer them over any other snack. My 2 year old even takes to them, but every time she would bite into my Slim Fast bar she wouldnt’t eat her next meal so I had to put an end to that.


I have to say what I like most about Slim Fast is how simple it is. Instead of having to make a sandwich or a lunch I simply have a bar that has protein in it that keeps me full for an extensive amount of time. Although I work at home, if I did work in an office setting, I have to say this would ideal because I wouldn’t have to pack a lunch every day, I could lose weight AND it’s simple and easy and QUICK. Usually if I’m in a huge hurry, I would jump through a drive-thru, yes FAST food. Which packs on the pounds like you wouldn’t believe. Actually I’m sure most of you know this to be true already.  So instead of turning to Mcdonalds, I can turn to Slim Fast. That in itself is a weight killer for me.


So what were my results? I’m happy to say I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks. It may not seem like a lot to some of you, but I’m already extremely short, standing in at only 4’11, so 3 pounds to  me is a lot. Slim Fast really does work, although you should take into consideration working out and what else you eat through out the day. It’s not a miracle, you have to work at losing the weight too- because that one large meal I would eat at night should still be somewhat healthy. I suggest while eating a meal replacement bar OR the shake to drink a lot of water through out the day to help you stay full.  I would totally recommend Slim Fast to someone trying to lose weight or not eat the junk they usually do.  I even went to Walmart yesterday and purchased the Slim Fast shakes and the snack bars. I was a little scared that the price would be high, but each product was only $5, happy surprise!



Sorry I have no before pic, but just believe me when I say these jeans would have been a tad bit snugger 2 weeks ago.  Make sure you join me and other bloggers for the Slim Fast Twitter Party, taking part January 21st 8PM ET  We will be talking about the Slim Fast products and sharing our weight loss stories. Good luck to everyone who  uses Slim Fast, and if you have any personal stories I would love to hear them! You can always tweet me your results too! @meandbells




  1. amy pugmire says:

    I Think you look great and I remember drinking my moms slim fast shakes growing up. They were sooo good! I’m sure they are even better now 🙂

  2. I’m so glad this worked and I’m also glad you took the challenge because like you-I am thin but I have that mid section area that wont go away. I have hesitated in the past to try Slim Fast because I was worried about the taste and didn’t want to waste any money. You look incredible and I am going to start this week! 🙂

  3. Thank you! I will definitely check this out, I have a lot more then 3 pounds to lose though!

  4. Debbie Jackson says:

    I wish I had the will power. You look fabuloius. Okay, I WILL get motivated. Thanks.

  5. stephanie hodges says:

    That is awesome it is helping you and think you look beautiful the way you are though. I have done slim fast I the past and the shakes sure helps to do rather than turning to fast food or carbs at home. Does slim fast send any coupons that you know of? I am looking at expense and the bars are just so expensive for my budget. Any options or opinions you gave give? Thanks!

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