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“Birds were made for the air, fish were made for the sea, people were made for the Earth, therefore there’s all kinds of terrain and territory.” ”  Therefore we need some type of shoes so our feet don’t hurt and they are comfortable while we walk on the planet.”- That quote was from my husband who decided he wanted to help me write about my new Therafit sandals. He looked at my shoes and said, “Wow where did you get those? They are different!” Oh how right he was,    that is why I chose the new Therafit Sandals from Therafit. Therafit is made up of 4 key components: comfort, customer, charity and community.  I noticed Therafit a while ago on another blog and I was impressed by the bright color of the tennis shoes and how comfy they looked. I am an avid fitness freak so I’m always looking for comfy work out shoes.  Then I saw Therafit sandals and I fell in love. They are unique with their colors and design, something I look for in a shoe.


They are made with 86 reflexoly  nodules for added comfort. They are like walking on rubber memory foam.  People that usually don’t wear flip flops, (like my mom for example) will appreciate the Therafit Sandal because it’s like the caviar of flip flops. Although they come in many different colors, I fell in love with the Tiffany Black. The crystals on the straps sparkle and shine, and won’t fall off. (I can testify to this because I’ve already put these babies through the ringer!) They are easy to clean to. The rubber like soles get dirty especially when out and about at the park, but a little soap and water and they are like new again.



They also have little balls on the top and bottom of the shoe, meant to massage your feet while you walk. What a concept.  The soles are thick and soft like walking on a cloud. Or at least a rubber cloud. I’ve been wearing these things everywhere. I can proudly say they are my favorite sandals for all occasions.  I picture myself walking on the beach with the sandals or walking down the boardwalk by the ocean. I think they are perfect for when you’re in your swimsuit or bikini. Plus you could wear them in the water, mud, dirt, etc and you won’t have to worry bout stains or rips/tears. My favorite part? The rhinestones of course. I love some good bling!




Therafit sells sneakers for all occasions, but the sandals are a must have for Summer. They sell for between $59-$69 and are available on the Therafit website.   The best part is one winner will win their own pair of Sandals in their choice of size/color.

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