>Emjoi Micro-Pedi is amazing on your feet!!


I try to keep my feet as maintained as possible especially during Summer, flip flop season. I like to get my toenails pedicured, and I like to make sure the bottoms of my feet are smooth and soft. As I get more and more pregnant, it’s getting harder and harder to reach down to actually touch my feet, so I’ve had to resort to going to the salon. I get asked to review a lot of feet products, no joke. I usually turn them down. Most are less then what I expect. But for some reason, the Emjoi MicroPedi caught my eye. Maybe it’s because I saw it on QVC first, and QVC always sucks me in.

What is it? The Emjoi MicrPedi is an innovative device created to smooth dry, rough callused skin on your feet. There is an unique roller at the top of the product that spins around 30 times a second to gently buff away all that gross old skin on your feet and especially your heel. (And in my case, my big toe!)

I think it’s the spinning rotation that really got the job done. After one use of applying on my bottom heel my feet were instantly softer and they looked SO much prettier. This is also much better then a pumice stone, because with a pumice you’re constantly rubbing and it takes at least a few times to see any type of results. It comes with an easy to use handle with a rubber grip, so it’s completely comfortable. 2 different rollers also come along with the Micro-Pedi, a coarse and extra coarse depending on how bad your feet are. I recommend Micro-Pedi for anyone having trouble getting rid of hard coarse skin on your feet and toes. C’mon ladies, it’s summer time, time to get those feet looking fabulous!

Visit Emjoi.com where you can purchase the Micro-Pedi for only $39.99. In September the Micro-Pedi will be available in various stores such as Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply.

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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