>The Romper


So I have been out and about, visiting malls and other small boutiques like always, and I’ve seen a new fashion that leaves me a little puzzled and a little intrigued. It’s the Romper. I’m unsure if I’m liking the new fashion, or not. It reminds me of a 10 year old, wearing a little jumper. However I did see a girl walking with one on, with a cute pair of heels and i thought it was adorable. I even tried one on, and I couldn’t help but thinking it was pretty cute. What do you think? I guess we will see if these are the next biggest thing since skinny jeans!

You can find rompers at stores like Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal or Express. They range from about $20-$50 bucks.

Personally, the one I found at Forever 21 is my favorite, I like the tube top romper look. What do you think?

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