>Organic Apoteke Review

> Organic Apoteke started with Dr Nitasha Buideo’s vision to provide healthy and effective skin care based on traditional African and Native American wisdom. Dr Buideo is a doctor of homeopathy and a certified acupunturist. She created this amazing company I got the chance to review, Organic Apoteke. All their products are organic, which of …

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> Congrats to the winner of the Erzulie Cosmetics giveaway chlorinebrain on November 6, 2009 3:36 AM said…Their products 100% all natural, and free from chemical pollutants You’ll love your new makeup!!!

>Sugar Factory Review

> I’m SO Excited about the Couture Pop From The Sugar Factory. This company has the Britney Spears Pop , the Kim Kardashian Pop & so many more. “The Couture Lollipop combines a striking design and contemporary fashion in a deliciously sweet confection that is wonderfully portable and ever-changing.Sugar Factory has created bejeweled and custom …

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> Congrats to some winners.. Congrats to Clenna who won the Pet Gift Certificate Congrats to Mamma Hill who won the David babaii giveaway!! Thanks to everyone who entered! ! ! Remember keep entering my giveaways!!!


> Congrats to the winner of the Jenulence Eye Cream Giveaway.. FDP for life.. Susan!! congrats! You’ll love it!!! Congrats to the 3 lucky winners of the Cream perfume Giveaway!! Soraya, Clarissa and Jeanette you guys will love your perfume!! Thanks to everyone who entered and remember there are lots more giveaways to come!!!!

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