My Post Baby Diet Story


As most of you know I had a baby 7 months ago and I still have about 8 pounds more to lose. It’s been tough but it’s slowly coming down little by little. I gained a large amount this pregnancy and as many of you know. There is n othing more gratifying then having a […]


Photography’s meaning is to capture a moment that is gone forever. The tall girl, dressed in a new Valentino red dress, wears some black Giuseppe Zanotti basic pumps and is walking on the 5th avenue like a total diva. The New York fashion photographer takes pictures of her looks, as her hair plays with the […]

Time to Get Fit with Slim Fast!


    I’m excited to let you all know I’m part of a new Slim Fast campaign. It’s a 14 day challenge that is going to help me get rid of my extra weight I still have left over from having a baby in June.  I’ve never worked with Slim Fast, so this was a […]

Christmas 2013


Kason’s first Christmas was exciting for my little guy. He got some great gifts, and Mommy got to see some old friends that she hasn’t seen in forever. Although I didn’t get to spend time with my daughter this year I saw her Christmas Eve for a bit but this is her father’s year to […]

Dove and the Hair Care Challenge


  For as long as I can remember I’ve been hating my hair. I’ve always envied people who either had perfectly straight hair or gorgeous curly hair. I am however unfortunatly in between the two. I have wavy frizzy and just plain gross locks! It’s also extremely dry.  It’s most likely from the years of […]

A Cold Day in Arizona


     Sweater/Daily Look/Jeans/Daily Look/Jacket SheInside/ Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Trike Bike Michael Kors Aviators

A Selfish Christmas + $20 Walgreens Giveaway


The time is here, Christmas is upon us, and it’s time to spend lots of MONEY!  I can’t believe I haven’t even made it through half of my Christmas shopping, there’s just SO much to do. And not to mention the endless wrapping I have to do, thinking of it all makes my mind go […]

Novica for Christmas + Giveaway


I’ve talked about Novica several times on here not only because they have been great to me in the past but I love their products. If you’ve never heard of Novica, it is an online gift shop originated from National Geographic, and has treasures from all over the world. In the past I’ve purchased many […]

Mila’s Birthday



New Favorite Sweater


    I went shopping a couple weeks back, trying to get the super cute retail stuff on line before it sells out for Black Friday. I had my eye out for a really cute sweater I first saw in the tabloids, a larger sweater with the words “Love Potion. something something on it” I […]

New Haul- Happiness & Online Shopping


     Yes I know I’ve been gone for a while, I’m so sorry guys! I plan on blogging now though more then ever. I plan on bringing you guys great blog posts and little specks of my life along with some amazing fashion.  I found now more then ever I’ve reached a peak in […]

Get The Look: What I’m Wearing 11/14 from Daily Look


So first I’d like to say i’m sorry for the horrible pictures! I unfortunately had no one to take a picture of me today so I was forced to try to do it myself which didn’t work out too well. But since Summer is pretty much over, I had to share my colorful look today. […]

Poise & Walgreens- A Weekend Full of Fun & No Leakage


                    This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group and Poise, but all opinions are my own. #pmedia #cleanandfreshswitch     It’s rare, few and far between that I ever talk about  anything related to my period.  Not only is it it something I hate to think about […]

What I Wore Today


    Usually I don’t post selfies  but since this is a fashion blog, I thought I would share with you guys how obsessed I am with the new chevron fad that’s been traveling around. Because I’m only 4’11 I didn’t think I could pull off a maxi dress (and truth be told I really […]

Dress To Impress!


Dress to Impress With Autumn Evening Dresses We may have had to sadly wave goodbye to the laidback Sunday BBQ or the long beer garden sessions of the summer. However, with the new season comes new social opportunities, and even more chances to dress to impress in the latest fashions. It’s exciting to be able […]

Mila’s Trip to the Zoo



My new Must Have – Lace



Where have I been the last 3 months? Life update…Part 1


Ok so I keep telling you guys Im back and then I disappear again for 3 months. Well so much has been going on, my life has been so overwhelming. Not only am I working 60 hours a week, but I’m taking care of my two beautiful babies both under the age of 2. Mila […]

24/7 Frenzy Review + Giveaway (3 winners!!!)


“It all started with one simple goal – offer trendy items at an affordable value and at the same time deliver a delightful customer shopping experience. And that goal was conceptualized by a group of passionate, value-focused and customer-centered team of professionals with more than 12 years experience working in the apparel industry. And that […]

Top 5 interesting cultural wedding customs


Top 5 interesting cultural wedding customs It’s reached that time of year when embossed invitations are a constant addition to the postbag and every other weekend is spent admiring floral arrangements in churches, town halls and grand marquees. You find yourself idly trying on hats and any trip online soon turns into a session browsing […]