Floral & Affordable

         Hey guys! So if you this post is about “cheap” clothing you maybe should skip my blog all together, because I will be blogging mostly  about clothing like “regular” people like me, (and probably you) can afford. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at all the fancy beautiful fashion bloggers […]

Instagram Lately

    Hey guys! Just wanted to post a few of my fashion pics this last week… Hope you guys had a great week and I hope all you daddys out there have a great Fathers Day! I have this great program that lets you track IP addresses of people that comment, which is absolutely […]

>Weekend Shopping Haul

>Hope everyone had a good weekend! I did some major shopping, I couldn’t post everything because I couldn’t find all the pictures and links, but here’s a few things I purchased, the others will have reviews coming up! I love shopping at this time of year because of the amazing winter deals, and the new […]

>New Purchases ♥

> New Romper.. .super cute! Well kinda new.. traded from my sister for beauty products… 🙂 “That Extra Half Inch” by Victoria Beckham. I love Posh Spice, she is my fashion icon! This book not only has tons of amazing pics, but it talks about her life, and her style… I can’t put it down! […]