>A new Edition- Meet Zoey!

> So I’m sorry I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I have so much to blog about too, I just have my hands full with my newest pup! Meet Zoey! She’s a chihuahua mix, although we aren’t sure what she’s a mix of. So here’s the story. We went to the Maricopa County Pet shelter, […]

>Too Cute for Words

> I just felt like posting something “cute” and off topic. Two things I love are hello kitty and my precious Bella. And with my new camera, I’ve been trying to capture Bella’s cutest moments. I’m also obsessing over Hello Kitty lately, especially with the new HK line at Sephora. So here’s another random post […]

>South Moon Under & Free People

> I love love Free People. They might be my favorite brand, and me and my sister were so excited to see they opened one up in Scottsdale Fashion Square. They opened in August, so I’m a little late, but nevertheless it was adorable. I managed to take a couple pics before getting in trouble […]

>It’s A Sick Day….

> Check out my OOTD, pajamas! I’m so sick of being sick you have no idea. I promise I’ll get back to writing more “fashion” related posts soon, but until then, here are some pics I took while bored and ill! Nothing does the job like 7up and Spaghetti when you have the flu… Check […]

>The Weirdest Hello Kitty Products

> I went shopping today and I was surprised by the sudden splurge of Hello Kitty all over the stores. I took the above pic at Fashion Q, unfortunately they were sold out in my size. Target, Fashion Q, Sephora, everyone is loving the cute little kitten. People are always asking me “Why do you […]

>My New Camera!

> Super excited about my new Camera, the Nikon D90. It’s confusing to say the least, but I can’t wait to learn how to take professional pictures with it. Let’s just say this camera is SO much better then my Nikon CoolPix or my Sony CyberShot. I still haven’t perfected taking close up pics yet, […]

>It’s my Birthday!!

> January 1st is my birthday! Had lots of fun, Nick got me a bag full of candy with some other things. A new lens for my camera, and some other things for my other new electronics! My sister got me this beautiful 14K Gold Pendant from Nicole Ritchie’s House of Harlow jewelry line. Love […]

>Christmas Post

> Thought I’d post a couple Christmas pictures! Hope everyone had a Merry Xmas!!!! Nick and his mom 6 Dog Stockings and 2 Cats, isn’t it cute? Lemon Cello… yum! Totally drank the whole thing already with Kari! ♥ New fabulous top from Urban Outfitters Gift from me, to ME! Naturalizer Boots! So comfy! IPAD!! […]

>What’s in, what’s out- weekend update ♥

> INS ♥ The Changing leaves ♥ Beautiful weather ♥ Green Drink ♥ Jeggings, Cute Sweaters, boots ♥ Dancing With The Stars, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives ♥ Aviators ♥ Sweater dresses OUTS ♥ Being Sick ♥ Tanning Booths ♥ Fake people ♥ Fake Eyelashes ♥ Round SunGlasses Bella’s IN List ♥ Car Rides ♥ The […]

>Giveaway Frustration- And calling out Names!

> So I’m just going to vent for a bit. My frustration with certain companies has been boiling for a while now, and now that another company has stiffed me, I feel the need to blog about it. A lot of blogging is based on trusting other people. Companies have to trust bloggers, bloggers have […]

>Haunted House video

>Saturday went to a Haunted House- clip was posted on You Tube. Check me out- ♥

>Been Gone…

> So sorry guys! Been super busy lately with work and various other projects. I’m actually in the middle of cleaning, and preparing for my upcoming garage sale. I’m getting rid of tons of clothes, jewelry, beauty products, and other things that I have waaay too much of! Did I mention shoes? I need to […]

>Bella’s Weekend Update

> So what was Bella up to this weekend? Here’s a preview! Friday- Lots of playing in the toybox… Saturday… Hiding in the 2nd toybox/hello kitty house Sunday- Sleep allll day ♥

>Best of the Emmys

> Ok so I’m guilty. I didn’t watch the Emmys. So I just thought I would give you the only part we really care about.. who looked the best! Here are my favs ♥ I know I know like you couldn’t get these pics anywhere else on the web! I just had to put in […]

>Weekend Fun

> What’ i’m wearing: Guess.com Yellow print top ($45) Buckle Stella Jeans ($98) Buxom Lip Gloss ($18) Prada Canvas Handbag ($495)

>A Note about Giveaways….

> So I just wanted to express to all my readers how dissapointed I am in some of the companies I’ve been working with lately. As a blogger, and as a company sponsoring a review, we put a lot of trust in other people. Companies have to trust that bloggers will write honest, truthful reviews, […]

>Just a Thought… ♥

> So I’m off to surgery today, and I just want to wish all my fabulous followers a Happy Thursday! ♥ Check out my adorable dress from Forever 21 while your at it!!! Stay tuned… more posts to come! ♥

>Random Thought… and a Fish ♥

> Ok I know I know, but i just had to share.. this might be the ugliest fish ever to grace the fish tank at the Family Car wash….

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