Pregnancy Update- 6 Months!

6 months pregnant!  (taken from baby center) How your baby’s growing: Your baby’s growing steadily, having gained about 4 ounces since last week. That puts him at just over a pound. Since he’s almost a foot long (picture an ear of corn), he cuts a pretty lean figure at this point, but his body is […]

22 week update

        Visiting my friend’s beautiful new baby at the hospital, what can I say? everyone is baby crazy!       Most exciting part? I’m still in a size zero jean! I’ve gained almost 10 pounds but I’m all belly which I can’t believe since  my major cravings are cheeseburgers, french fries […]

eShakti Review

        eShakti is an online clothing company that believes all women should be able to wear affordable fashion, (which I also agree with) I’ve bought several tops from their shop, mostly because of their unique look. The products they sell you won’t find in  your local retail shop. Built-in customization tools guide women […]

18 Week Update

  I’m 18 weeks pregnant and still going strong.. Like I mentioned in my previous post I’m extremely sick and I’ve only gained 3 pounds so far because of my horrible nausea. I can’t keep much down. Here’s what’s going on at 18 weeks:  (Taken from what to expect)   Your Baby in Week of […]

My picks for 2013 + Baby Update

So most of you know by now that I’m 18 weeks pregnant, and it’s been pretty rough. I’ve been extremely sick, only gained 2 pounds and have constant nausea, headaches, backpain and insomnia. This pregnancy is much rougher then my last one. I’m only in my 2nd trimester, and I’m already having sore feet and […]

>Bad Blogger

> I’m so sorry guys, I’ve been a horrible blogger lately. I’m just so exhausted and tired all the time. I’m 39 weeks pregnant so things have been a bit crazy. Hopefully I will be back very soon, writing lots of blog posts!!! I will keep updating you all on everything, and I will try […]

>Pregnancy Update!

> I’m 38 weeks pregnant! 2 more weeks to go… Dr says I will probably be late because I have not dropped yet.  No contractions yet… !!

>My Nursery.. almost Done!


>8 Months Pregnant….

> I’m 32 weeks pregnant and I can’t wait for it to be over!! Me feet are swollen, my back is killing me and it’s only gonna get worse!! Let the count down begin!

>My Baby Shower


>Baby Pics


>Milan Maternity Review + Giveaway

> Cool & Classy, Sweet & Sassy, that is Milan Maternity. You don’t have to break the bank to look stylish while you’re pregnant. I know I keep talking about it, but there is NOTHING for pregnant chicks at the mall. Or anywhere here in Arizona. It’s full of ugly frumpy looking junk. Plus it’s […]

>Isabella Oliver Review

> “The idea for Isabella Oliver came about because we were unable to find any pregnancy clothes that we actually liked to wear, so in 2003 we launched our first maternity collection. A range of beautifully-cut maternity clothes made from stylish, easy care fabrics that not only looked great, but were comfortable too. Fast forward […]

>Queen Bee Maternity Review

> Queen Bee Maternity is Australia’s most sought after online maternity and nursing boutique, and I can see why. Their clothing is so stylish and trendy, many celebs are wearing it all over the world. Showcasing over 50 labels they have you covered for the whole 9 months and beyond. Their stylish range includes maternity […]

>Tummy Talk Review + Giveaway

> You know how there are baby things you will keep forever and pass on to your kids? Well I finally found my first item I will cherish forever and ever. The Tummy Talk pregnancy book might my favorite item I’ve received since learning I was pregnant, and I will tell you exactly why.. When […]

>Pregnancy Update!

> I was so excited to get to try out the IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test. I first saw this at Baby’s R Us then I saw it on other blogs being reviewed. A lot of my friends laughed at this and said there is no way it would work. “I would give you my prediction […]

>Pettel Maternity Review

> Pettel Maternity is another online maternity shop I discovered that i’m in LOVE with! They have gorgeous clothing for pregnancy and nursing. And the prices are much better then most maternity stores. If you haven’t ever been shopping for pregnancy clothes, I gotta tell you, they are EXPENSIVE! Pettel has a wide variety of […]

>Pregnancy Update

> I’m 19 weeks pregnant and tomorrow I get to find out gender…. Just an update for you guys.. I will let you know what the verdict is.. I know many of you are dying to know if my Intelligender test was correct. (I took TWO tests that both said Boy) We will see!

>iHerb Madre Labs Review + Baby Products Giveaway

> Have you heard of iHerb? iHerb is an online reseller company that carries over 25,000 natural products. They offer a lot of products suited for the healthy life style, such as vitamins and herbal supplements (vegan, vegetarian, raw and even gluten free), cosmetics and personal care items that are organic and/or cruelty-free, eco-friendly products […]

>BellaBlu Maternity Review

> I have been looking for the best maternity clothing out there on the internet. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. A lot of it is very very ugly, and I would never be caught dead in half of it. I was excited when I found out Forever 21 had a […]

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