>Lady Gaga Necklace

> @LadyGaGa Tweeted about Finding a Necklace with her face on it in Tokyo. It’s amazing the things you find when you travel. You can see it up close below There is an array of celebrity sightings here including Michael Jackson and Jackie O. You can get the Lady Gaga necklace here… although I think […]

>Lady Gaga for Vogue & OOTD

> You all know I love to cover Lady Gaga. Here she is on the cover of March’s Vogue. Here are a couple interview quotes I was able to find: “The doors swing open, and Gaga, surrounded by security, plunges in. “Gaga! Gaga! Gaga!” A teenage boy pushes to the front. “I am from Milano! […]

>Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes

>The big Halloween costume this year is Lady Gaga! Of course.. I just wanted to share a couple of her costumes, I think they make great outfits for that Halloween part this year. AND if you want to make your OWN Lady Gaga Costume…..

>A look at Gaga

> So everyone has been talking lately about Lady Gaga. That “meat” dress she showcased at the MTV VMAs really threw everyone for a loop. I actually thought it was disgusting. She’s also coming out with her biography very soon, she’s what like 23 and already has a story about her life? People are calling […]

>Lady Gaga in Vanity Fair

> I love Lady Gaga on the cover of Vanity Fair this month! She looks fabulous! Not only does she look amazing, she talks some serious issues, and says some shockers! Here’s a sneek peak before the September issue comes out… On celibacy:”I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going […]

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