My new Wall Creation with Mon Amie Paperie

We have this plain boring wall over the head of my  bed, and I wanted to change it up a bit.  Yes we are moving soon, and I’m not loving where we are living, but it needs a little bit of  decor while we are here. Wasn’t sure if I wanted a picture or some […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys

Oh my god is Valentine’s Day really tomorrow? Wow I wrote this post a little bit late, but if you’re scrambling to find that perfect someone in your life the perfect gift I have a couple quick ideas for you. Me and my girlfriends were scrambling today trying to figure out what we should do […]

Pictures on Gold Giveaway- The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day!

Guess what time of year it is? Time for one of my favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day! Men, you should really read this post because let me tell you what we DON’T want! We don’t want cheesy ugly flowers, or crappy candy that you bought from Walgreens. And I especially don’t want those cheap flimsy baskets […]

A Selfish Christmas + $20 Walgreens Giveaway

The time is here, Christmas is upon us, and it’s time to spend lots of MONEY!  I can’t believe I haven’t even made it through half of my Christmas shopping, there’s just SO much to do. And not to mention the endless wrapping I have to do, thinking of it all makes my mind go […]

Novica for Christmas + Giveaway

I’ve talked about Novica several times on here not only because they have been great to me in the past but I love their products. If you’ve never heard of Novica, it is an online gift shop originated from National Geographic, and has treasures from all over the world. In the past I’ve purchased many […]

Novica Gift Finder + Giveaway

    Novica is an online shopping site filled with anything and everything you can think of, from all parts of the world.  Associated with National Geographic, Novica sells houseware, clothing, handbags, furniture and everything in between.  I’ve bought many things from their website, and I have to admit, the selection can be extremely overwhelming. […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This is my first Mother’s Day as a new mother! And if you’re completely out of the loop, in case you didn’t know, Mother’s Day AND Father’s Day are right around the corner. These are always the hardest holidays for me to shop for, because my parents are soo difficult when it comes to presents. I […]

>BB Becker Jewelry Review

> The leading designer of inspirational jewelry for a decade, BB Becker is known for remarkably legible and long-lasting words on jewelry. His engraved jewelry carries messages of love, joy, and peace. Carefully selected quotations are engraved in his wife, Josephine’s distinctive handwriting. Each piece of sterling silver in BB’s Signature Collection is skillfully handcrafted. […]

>Live Clean Baby Review + Giveaway

> Having a new baby, I want to find the best products for her skin and hair during her bathtime. When I heard about Live Clean Baby from the Live Clean Company, I started to read more about their products and company. Live Clean Baby is a unique collection of eco-friendly baby care products designed […]

>See No Evil Baby Bloomers Review + Giveaway

> See no Evil is a gorgeous etsy shop I came across that makes products for little girls and boys, and now babies! SNE specializes in trendy and punk clothing for asian ball-jointed dolls such as Volks Super Dollfie, Dollshe and others. All items are handmade in small quantities with the best materials I can […]

>Aroma Naturals Giveaway

> Aroma Naturals is a soy candle company that carries all kinds of aromatherapy and spiritual candles. Their aromas vary from Clarity, to Spirit, Serenity, Wish and many more.  I was sent a variety pack of their products, and I have to say, I have some favorites! Their products are extremely unique, keep reading and […]

>Vitamins Baby Blankie Buddy Giveaway

> Vitamins Baby  is an online newborn baby store that has been around for four decades.  I have to imagine my mother probably dressed me in Vitamins Baby Clothing when I was a baby.They provide high quality clothing, as wells as gifts for your new bundle of joy.  Their clothing is absolutely adorable, and they […]

>Baby Rock Apparel Giveaway + Coupon Code

> Baby Rock Apparel is a cool online shop that carries trendy baby and kids clothes. Everything they offer is hip and cool. They have retro band t-shirts for kids featuring popular rock bands such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam and more. Baby Rock Apparel also carries super cute shoes, hoodies, […]

>Plow and Hearth Review + Giveaway

> Plow and Hearth began as a small retail store in Madison Virginia back in 1980, and has now flourished into a large national store that carries gorgeous products for your home, yard and garden. They have so many products, it’s a bit mind boggling.  I fell in love with their backyard/garden products, not only […]

>Christmas Gift Ideas

> I’m always looking for online Christmas steals/deals. Although I’m already done with my Christmas shopping, (Finally!) here are a couple Christmas gift ideas you could use this year, and no they aren’t your typical sweater or perfume gift. These are fun, exciting ideas that consist of more exciting adrenaline pumping action! So if you’re […]

>Nature’s Notebook

> Nature’s Notebook was born of a spiritual connection to the ocean and its beaches. Drawn to the soft sandy edges of the sea, artist Courtney Noelle has always felt inclined to inscribe words or names, thoughts or dreams into the ever-changing landscape of the beach. Something about its tumultuous fate, an uncertainty that parallels […]

>Novica Review + $75 Gift Card Giveaway

> NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, gives artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and spur their creativity. Through the internet, NOVICA gives us access to unique, hard-to-find items at great values. Their mission is to create a bridge between the customer and the many talented […]


> launched in 2003 with a plan to rid the world of plain undies one pair at a time. Call em’ what you want…undies, underwear, knickers, skivees or panties but if any of those words seem boring to you, your undies drawer may need a makeover and that’s where we come in. Match your […]

>New Purchases ♥

> New Romper.. .super cute! Well kinda new.. traded from my sister for beauty products… 🙂 “That Extra Half Inch” by Victoria Beckham. I love Posh Spice, she is my fashion icon! This book not only has tons of amazing pics, but it talks about her life, and her style… I can’t put it down! […]

>Girl ExtraOrdinare Review {Giveaway}

> Girl ExtraOrdinare was created by Tiffany Bressan and Courtney Noelle, two friends from college with one dream. Their message is to stay inspired, and be creative! Girl ExtraOrdinare sells designer apparel and accessories, custom made to fit your style. Their company is perfect for bridal showers and wedding apparel. Whether your the bride, or […]