Summer Style: Maxi Dresses

In the previous post I showed you some models of green dresses from the store ZAFUL, alias, I am more and more passionate about the pieces and models that the store has, so I decided to bring a second part of this post to you, I decided to focus only on the long dresses that the store has, the models are each more beautiful than the others and you can find models for various occasions there, from more elegant parties to those more basic dress for the day to maxi dresses here

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Models of dresses with cuts in the legs are super on high, besides leaving the piece more sexy it does not lose the elegance, I watch as the second and the first model send this. Stripes are always timeless and always in fashion, if you want to wear a pattern that never goes out of fashion bet deep in the stripes, already this third model is one of the most cute I have ever seen, its color is also a must of spring / summer and the front buttons ensure all the style of the piece, plus the super feminine detail of the neckline shoulder to shoulder. I love this models and the others that the store puts at our disposal, enjoy to know the store and guarantee your pieces with low price, you will love.

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  1. Sandra Preti

    Maxi dresses are my favorite go-to dress for the summer!

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