Get Name Necklace- Mother’s Day Ideas

GetNameNecklace is a great Mother’s Day present, or a present for any occasion or holiday. It’s personalized jewelry that you create with any name you choose.

“Getnamenecklace is an jewelry manufacturer that offers fashionable and gorgeous personalized jewelry. We get professional team of designers to turn names and initials into lovely pieces of jewelry. Wide categories such as name necklaces, monogram chocker necklaces and family pendants come with good quality and competitive pricing via using of the latest jewelry making technology. Factory procedures are well organized to bring about efficient service delivery. From the technical team right down to shipment agents that process check out of packages, we offer fast, professional and timely delivery as these aspects are major priorities required to satisfy all our clients.”

My favorite from their site is the Engraved Heart Photo Necklace. I think it’s a perfect memory saver for that special mom in your life. I know I would love nothing more for Mother’s Day then a pendant with a picture of my kids. Although my mom would probably prefer her dog on the necklace the possibilities are endless.

engraved necklaces are a great gift for anyone on  your gift giving list, especially Mom. What’s a better way then to show your special someone you love them then wearing their name around your neck ? My hubby liked the idea of getting me a necklace with his name on it so I can carry him with me all day on my body. Jewelry is always a favorite present but when it’s engraved it personalizes it and makes it that much more special.



Another perfect idea for Mother’s Day is and Engraved Photo Heart Pendant. The front is engraved with a picture and the back could have a name or a word or a memento that is special to you and that person. I have two engraved heart pendants. Each have my child’s name on it and inside is a picture of me and them and the back has their birthday engraved on the back. They are so special to me I don’t wear them since I’m too afraid to lose them. I keep them in my jewelry box safe from being lost. They both were gifts from my husband and I have to admit they are my favorite gifts I have ever received.



Memorial Gift: Engraved Photo Heart Pendant Necklace



If you want to make someone feel extra special visit GetNameNecklace and make your Mom super happy this year. The prices are affordable most necklaces are under 50$ so you can stay on budget and have Mother’s Day covered. I personally love the Engraved Photo Heart Pendant Necklace as a Mother’s Day Gift. You can take any special moment and save it forever right on  a handcrafted piece of jewelry.  Visit GetNameNecklace today for your special Mother’s Day Gift!


Let your imagination run wild! I love the idea of engraving a special family picture and putting a cute date or name or quote on the back. I can’t think of a better way to tell someone you love them. The more personal the gift the better, so hands down this is a must for that special Mother, Daughter, Dad, friend etc. Let someone know how much they really matter with a personalized piece of jewelry.


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