My Top Picks for Halloween Costumes Part 1 Girls Edition





My kids are already really wanting to pick out Halloween costumes already, and they have already changed their mind 100 times over, and the different costumes each year just amaze me. My daughter wants to be JoJo Siwa, which is a teenage pop star, for those of you old folks who don’t know.  My son who is 5 insists on being a character in the popular video game, FortNite. We have already been to 3  Halloween stores just so the kids can try on costumes and gawk at the Halloween electronic machines. They love it just as much as going to a birthday party, or a fair. When I ask them, “What do you guys want to do this weekend?” I get, “Halloween Store ! ! !” . It amazes me the effect Halloween has today on kids. When I was a kid I loved Halloween, but I loved it for the free candy, not as much as the costumes. My daughter is struggling with wanting to be something ” Pretty!” and scary. she wants a costume with a LOT of makeup but also a pretty dress with a gorgeous wig, AKA – Expensive ! !  And aren’t Halloween costumes just essentially crappy material sewed together that is destined to fall apart as soon as Halloween is over? And the prices! Halloween is a big money maker for all costume businesses and scary things like the serial killer movies and the haunted house business. I personally have never been a big fan of Halloween which I think is just a reason for people to dress up and eat lots of junk. But I do it for the kids, and if you’re anything like MY Kids, picking a costume is a big deal.  So I have narrowed down the best costumes, the ones that aren’t going to charge you $100 for a skanky skirt and some tights, the ones that are really worth your buck, and the ones that are the most popular this year.


Since I’m not a huge fan of dressing up, this post is mostly for the kids, age range 5-10.  I have no interest in talking about baby costumes or toddler costumes, because those are all just cute little headbands and tails,  I took a lot of time researching for this post, so if you have any input or comments to add, please feel free to leave it at the bottom of this post.


Probably the most popular girls costume this year, JoJo Siwa. There are a lot of costumes out there that have the name on it, but some are complete crap.  We have actually tried on about 6 different Jojo costumes, and one almost fell apart the moment my daughter put it on. So I narrowed it down to two different costumes, both are worth the price you will pay. The first one is the Jojo Unicorn Costume,  available at Spirit Halloween for $44.99 Can be purchased here  I think we liked this one the best, because the outfit was actually cute and could probably be worn as a regular outfit and the hair ties and décor are fun and just like the real character.





This one is also a favorite and a little cheaper, this is the official Nickelodeon Costume “Kit” for $34.99 I loved the detail and the color on the skirt, another outfit that could be worn during regular “non” Halloween days.  The sad part about a Jo jo Siwa costume, is there isn’t a lot of Halloween makeup or fun add ons you can add, except for the bows and the hair tyes. Me and my daughter found another cheaper way to dress up as JoJo, Party City had a Jojo Siwa hat that was just a baseball cap with a huge blonde ponytail for $10.00 So if you can’t afford a pricey costume this year, create your own outfit and buy the hat! $10 !


This costume is available at Spirit Halloween as well for $34.99




Here is the Jojo hat I was talking about, it is currently sold out at Party City but I found it online for $9.99 at


Another popular costume which can be done up in so many different ways, is the ever popular Unicorn. I’ve seen the “slutty” version for adults, and the big baggy costumes for little girls. But I like the middle tween Unicorn costume which is a cute colorful horn and some sort of adorable costume. This Unicorn Kit is probably one of my favorites. For $44.99, it’s cute, not too over the top and can still be worn with some cute unicorn makeup.  A unicorn is also another costume that if your tight on money, you can put something together yourself with things from the dollar store or just regular sparkly clothing. All you really need is the horn headband and you can create the Unicorn look any way you like.  This costume is also at Spirit Halloween for $44.99.


 Here are a couple other adorable Unicorns I found



Unicorn Costume from HalloweenCostumes.Com


And some fun Unicorn Pinterest ideas:



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