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I unfortunately never had the chance to go to my high school’s homecoming dance or prom, but everytime I see girls getting ready to go to their high school dance, I think back and wish I would have been able to pick out a beautiful dress and go too, but that ship has long sailed and the dresses for high school dances keep getting better & better. SassyMyProm sells quality high end prom dresses, along with accessories, and even regular clothes that are not only affordable, but pretty freakin gorgeous. As much as I wanted to showcase their prom dresses, I have to show you guys  a few things off my wishlist that are too cute to NOT show you!

SassymyProm is NOT just prom dresses, they also SELL:

Maxi Dresses………

Floral Off the Shoulder Maxi Smocked Dress ($29) When I tell you I saw almost an exact duplicate to this dress on Revolve for $140, I’m not joking. This is almost a carbon copy at a fraction of the price. Isn’t it gorgeous? I wanted to let you guys know about these beautiful dresses from SassymyProm, because seeing that title, you would probably think it’s just prom dresses. But it’s SO much more.

Bathing Suits…………


Gray Padded Smocked Bathing Suit Set ($19) This price is amazing and so is the gorgeous mesh look. It reminds me of a hazy sky over a foggy beach. And it looks so comfortable. And $19 for a full bathing suit? Yes please! SassyMyProm sells tons of bikinis. Just another thing you probably didn’t think they sold.



             Pink Crystal Bracelet ($17) here

I was stunned to see how pretty the jewelry was on their website. The small pendants and ankle bracelets look so much more expensive then the actual price. And that for me is what gets me when it comes to jewelry. It can’t look cheap, and simple is more especially when it comes to prom/homecoming jewelry. I didn’t see one piece of jewelry on their website I didn’t like. There is nothing too large or chunky/or gawdy. It’s all classic, simple and just plain beautiful.

SassyMyProm also sells lingerie, shoes, makeup brushes, sunglasses & more. I have been approached by many Prom websites, and I have turned a few down because I’m a little too old to be reviewing prom dresses, and quite frankly those type of websites aren’t my style, but this is hands down my favorite dress shop that I have came across.

And maybe you ARE looking for a prom dress. SassymyProm has many dresses under $100 to choose from.  Stay tuned to my blog for my pictures and review of what I received from SassymyProm.




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