Romwe Fall Fashion/WishList Pinafore Dresses + Huge Sale!




a sleeveless apronlike garment worn over a child’s dress.

•a collarless sleeveless dress, tied or buttoned in the back and typically worn as a jumper, over a blouse or sweater.


a woman’s loose sleeveless garment, typically full length and worn over clothes to keep them clean.


Romwe is one of my favorite online street fashion shops that carries a wide variety of women’s clothing & accessories.


I recently learned about what a Pinafore Dress was, that’s why I thought it was interesting to post the exact definition from the dictionary.  Romwe carries a huge variety of Pinafore outfits, (and I say “outfits” because a pinafore can also be overalls or a romper )


Black Strap Ripped Pockets Denim Jumpsuit *$57.99 27.99


Pinafore Denim Dress With Pockets ($36.99 $15.99) Comes in Pink, *my favorite, Blue Jean, White or Black.


Cat Print Contrast Stitch Overall Dress ($36.99 $15.99) isn’t this adorable? almost too cute to be for an adult, I would wear this plus I would put it on my 5 year old if it came In her size.  And this one comes in Xtra-Small.


Self Tie Shoulder Animal Pattern Pinafore Dress ($36.99 $15.99) Equally as adorable as the black one. Possibly even cuter.


Button Side Solid Overall Dress ($39.99 now $14.99) probably my favorite, are you getting the sense I like these dresses in light pink? This looks so comfortable and it’s ALWAYS a plus when the piece comes in xs. I will probably be purchasing this one. Now I just have to find the perfect shirt to wear underneath it.


Right now if you register at Romwe, & follow the guidelines below, you could be one lucky winner who will win a free gift.  Runners up will also be winning free clothes. Good luck!!!
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  1. monique s

    these dresses are so super cute and unique. Love em

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