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Necklace (A League of Their Stone $19) Lulus So if you haven’t figured  it out already, I’m wearing two separate dresses, one is from the other day and the other is from a while ago, but they are so similar looking I thought I would jumble the two together. My #1 priority for all my readers reading this is to show you alternative cheaper looks then maybe other bloggers who like to post more “high end” clothing. And there’s nothing wrong with that- some of just like to stay on more of a budget.

Something about pink and turquoise really make me just smile. They just bring such a “soft” look together.

So ready to find out how much all of this cost? Each look is less then $25! Yes it is true- you can still dress nicely and not break the bank.  So if you’re just reading this now, and reading my blog for the first time, I highly suggest you come back if you’re interested in reading about cheaper, more “affordable” clothing pieces that most everyone can purchase. Unfortunatly I don’t have any links to what I’m wearing, but I will tell you that both dresses were purchased at Kohls, and the pumps were $6 on clearance from Forever 21. 

The aqua flip flops are from White Mountain, and are on sale here for $38.44.

 Also wearing a cross bangle courtesy of Princess Dominique. (She has an amazing blog go check her out) and a few more bangles from Persunmall

Although my necklace is no longer available at Lulus, you can find others below: (Click the link to go to the website)

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