My WorkOut Fashion Weight Loss Story Part 1

As many of you mommies out there know, when u have two kids under the age of 5, It’s almost impossible to get to the gym. And I’m not going to pretend like I’ve been going. I used to go religiously everyday for years, until after I had my 2nd kid, and it kind of went downhill.


Granted I was lucky. I was blessed with no stretch marks or scars from pregnancy, and my body (with a little leeway on my tummy) went back to about what it was before I was pregnant. This post is not as much about weightloss, as it is about my gym fashion. Getting ready for the gym was almost as fun as getting ready to go out. I love having designer high end gym wear which is both comfortable & stylish. And over the years I’ve collected at least one dresser full of it.  So here’s Part 1 of my favorite gym fashions & where you can buy them from.

This top is one of my favorites, it’s from Lucy & it’s a padded sports bra with  the matching gym top over it. It’s so comfortable but leaves you comfortable and padded but not too padded. I think the sports bra was $60 and the top was another $60 but if your an avid work out person, this is well worth the price.


I love the bright blue color too. I don’t have too many clothes that are this blue, so it’s fun to be a little different every now and then.

This top which you will see in the next 4 pictures is also from Lucy, and is one of my favorites too. With the built in bra it gives me just another coverage to feel completely comfortable. By the way,   the tops are a little snug on my chest , but I am a 32 DD and i’m only 5 foot 100 pounds. So I’m always wearing xs in Lucy tops but they are a little snug. The bra cover doesn’t completely go over the sports bra which is what I’m wearing underneath the top  from Victoria Secret. I just like the feeling of a sports bra and then another top with a bra cover built in. That way in a cold gym, there is no chance of a nipple being seen. Let’s be real, there are some major creepers in the gym, and although I like to look nice there, I don’t want to attract the wrong attention.  Although I normally wouldn’t opt for a Victoria’s Secret Pink Sports Bra  I find they are super comfy and not just for teenagers.  I highly recommend both brands. Lucy & Victoria Secret’s are my picks for top sports bras. With Nike & Reebok being the other two exceptions.

The above top is from one of my favorite independent fashion brands, “Beautiful Disaster” (which is the same thing I have tattooed on my inner right arm) The name drew me in, & I first saw the brand on VH1’s Rock Of Love with Bret Michaels. I contacted the brand about 7 years ago, they sent me some clothes, I made them a blog- and I still love the brand to this day. They also have a brand of clothing for men called “Handsome Devils”

The above hat although probably the cheapest out of my stash, is my favorite. I have it in both pink and black. Because of how it fits and how rare it is to find. It is from Hart & Huntington which is founded by motorcross star & husband of one of my favorites (Pink) I haven’t been able to find

More gym ideas/outfits coming soon.  I love sharing my personal style and fashion with all of you guys! Till the next post !!!


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