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First of all I want to make clear I am not working for JustFab, nor did they sponsor this post or have anything to do with it , and I did not receive anything free or even a coupon for talking about them. This is just an awesome company that I love, and I have so many pieces and shoes from their collection, it would be weird to NOT talk about them on my blog since they are such a big part of my fashion life. —

If you have never heard of JustFab, it’s an online monthly (mostly shoes) but also some clothing company that sends you out a pair of shoes once a month. For busy working moms like me who can’t get to a mall to shop for herself, JustFab is like Christmas once a month. I love opening up the mailbox or seeing a package on my front door, it gives me a little “pep in my step” and makes me have just a happier day all together. The dress I’m wearing and the shoes are both from Just Fab, but are no longer available, or at least I couldn’t find them on the site.  What intrigued me about JustFab, is that when you sign up they offer you some sort of amazing deal, like get your first pair of shoes for $10, or buy one get one free. Mostly everything on their site sells for $39.95 which is the VIP member monthly cost. They also allow you to “skip a month” in case you don’t want the money taken out of your account that month, or you just want to skip.


The quality of the shoes is not too shabby either. I had been a member for a couple years a while ago, and signed up again when the deal was get a pair of shoes for $10.  And with hundreds of shoes to pick from, it was a tough choice so I ended up getting 4 pairs. (Yes four) and they are all absolute adorable boots. I really like their clothes too, although being a XS, their stuff tends to run a little large. I wish they would come out with a petite line for shorter gals like me, whenever I buy a dress from them, it’s always a LITTTLEE too long. (Hey it’s nothing that can’t be hemmed right? “

So visit JustFab here, and I warn you, it’s highly contagious. If you think you had every pair of shoe possible, and every color? JustFab will ensure that they have a shoe or boot you don’t have. – They also give you points that be accrued by doing different things such as writing a review or emailing your friends about the company, and in return you trade those points for gifts. So that’s another little fun thing they have.

I encourage you guys if you do plan on signing up, to please do so on my invite link here so I can get the some credit and exchange that for…. you guessed it- More SHOES!  Thanks for reading, and please make sure you follow me on Instagram. (The shoes I’m wearing are the Izabel Shoe, buy them here)


Izabel Shoes (Just Fab- $39.99)

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