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Hey guys! So if you this post is about “cheap” clothing you maybe should skip my blog all together, because I will be blogging mostly  about clothing like “regular” people like me, (and probably you) can afford. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at all the fancy beautiful fashion bloggers on Instagram, but when I click on the jeans button to “buy” I will always gasp over the price tag.

I will be blogging about some nicer high priced items, of course every girl has at least 1 designer purse, or sunglasses, maybe shoes. It must be so much nicer to be a guy. I even went to go buy my favorite Smashbox lipstick and it was about $45 after taxes. Ugggh anyways, I’m floating off topic.

My top is Vera Wang, I purchased it at Kohls, but I noticed on PoshMark, it’s normally selling for $60 and on sale for $7.! Yes that’s righy, not a typo $7! It is currently sold out though. I love the bright pink. Click here for more details.

My necklace is also a super  hot neon pink, purchased from BaubleBar.  I checked the website and also the internet, but it’s gone, never to be sold again.  If it pops up somewhere I will update this post.

The most expensive item is the jeans, which for me is an exception on “expensive shopping”. I will explain in another post, but basically every girl should splurge on at least 1 good pair of jeans,  a pair of sunglasses and of course one fabulous handbag  So, the jeans are Rag & Bone, and they sell for $225 here.

And last, and cheapest, are my floral heels from Qupid. Qupid is a brand I’m sure most of you are aware of. These sell for $33 at DSW and Charlotte Russe.

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  1. I thought the necklace was sewed on the top, they are beautiful and match perfect.
    And you are right every one need to have a jean in high price, for their comfortable, fashion style.

    ~ Amy Kissprom.co.uk ~

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