My FashionMia Wish List

I love telling my readers about great new affordable online fashion boutiques, and today I’m bringing you another one. FashionMia  is one of my absolute favorites. Not only are they affordable, but they have a large variety of options for all different types of styles and fashions.


I love finding cheap outerwear, especially when its fashionable and stylish. When your a working mommy like me it’s hard to go out shopping when you have a 4 year old and a 5 year old pulling on you screaming , “Mommy!” So online fashion boutiques are what works best for me. It’s also hard for me to find clothing that’s true to it’s size.  I’m very short, (only 5’1)  and about 100 pounds so needless to say it’s hard to find clothing that fits me perfectly. FashionMia size small means small. Many stores and only retailers label things “small” but mark it as a medium. Here’s a few of my favorites from FashionMia.



The Solid Notch Lapel Brooch Single Button Blazer ($33.95) this blazer comes in different colors such as pink, orange/red and this gorgeous yellow. I love these types of blazers because they can be worn in so many different ways, (with jeans, over a little mini dress, or tube top, or even for a work interview or work day with a pair of blazers.  I personally love the bright yellow because it’s so  bright and happy and loud. I plan on buying this in every color because I love it so much.


One of my favorite things to wear during the hot Arizona Summers, is jumpsuits. And if anyone loves cheap jumpsuits it’s me.  They have always reminded me of onesies for babies which is kind of silly but I love how cute they are and comfortable, because if they fit right, it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing. I love wearing them over a bikini or bathing suit when I go to the pool because you can just slip them on and off. FashionMia might be best known for their adorable jumpsuits. Here are a few of my favorite that made my WishList.



Bohemian Tribal Tassel Captivating Backless Romper (13.95$) Not only do I love the tassels, but I love how comfortable this looks. This is something I would wear to a pool party or any type of daytime activity. It’s casual but not too casual where it wouldn’t be worn to a get together or a party. Or even an evening dinner. That’s what I love about rompers/jumpers. They are multi functional.


Overall, you can find all these pieces and more at FashionMia

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