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Mattress Firm is doing an amazing thing this 2016.  They are launching Mattress Firm Foster Kids as a initiative.  It launches starting May 2nd.  I think this is just a fabulous thing for them to do. When donating we often think of the homeless or the sick, but what about foster children? Did you know that there are more then 415,000 kids in the foster care system at any given day in the US? That is a huge number!  More then 260,000 kids entered the foster system in 2014 alone!  And children waiting to be adopted wait about 2 years before actually BEING adopted. The statistics are crazy. And the numbers are growing.  Starting May 2nd- June 26th, Mattress Firm is hosting a clothing drive to collect new (or gently gently used ) clothing to give to foster children. It will all be donated to non profit partners, and foster families in need.  All the things collected will make it much easier for foster children to transition to a new home easily.

Not everyone can be a foster parent, but everyone can help a foster child. That is the real message within this post. We have to give props to those that actually foster children; it’s expensive enough raising your own, but bringing new ones into your home? And feeding and bathing and dressing them? I can’t imagine the costs.  The goal of Mattress Firm is to provide children with the things they need while living in a foster home to succeed and florish. Mattress Firm Foster Kids is desiring to provide foster kids and families with the essential items they need to succeed.




Often kids come to their new foster homes with nothing but the clothes on their back. That It is why #Donate4FosterKids is so important. A child not only needs to feel loved, but have their needs taken care of, and that includes clothing. That is why Mattress Firm is willing to help.

Starting May 2nd, Kids Heroes Contest will start.  This is a National Awareness Social Media program that is going to help bring awareness to Foster Kids and their needs.  If you’re interested in entering the contest, there are 3 ways to enter, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Entries will start on Twitter & Instagram May 2nd- May 9th and you have to use #Donate4FosterKids in your entry. The winner will receive a $500 gift card to Toys R Us and a $4500 donation to the Mattress Firm  nonprofit partner of their choice! You can also  enter here to read more about the contest and submit your entries. So what do you have to do? It’s easy!


All you have to do is snap a picture of your kids either donating clothes to Mattress Firm, or take a picture of them raising money for the Foster Kid Program.

One option is to upload it to the Kid Heroes Website,

find the Kid Heroes #DonateForFosterKids Content Gallery

Click , “Submit An Entry” & Upload Your Photo!

Once you submit your photo you will see a unique URL.  That URL will bring people directly to your picture where they can vote! Encourage friends and family to vote for your picture.



You can also enter via Social Media.  These are the pictures of my kids donating in Mattress Firm. We put together a bunch of new clothes with the tags attached that the kids never wore and drove it over to our local Mattress Firm. We just walked inside and there was the donate bucket.

My kids didn’t really understand what they were donating to or what for, so I tried to explain the best I could that we need to “give” back in order to feel good about the things we have in life. And many people take for granted the clothes that they receive. Like I said before, many foster kids go to their new homes with only the clothes on their back. Mattress Firm is looking for pictures that make an impact on foster children.


Using Twitter Or Instagram, just upload your photo with the hashtag #Donate4FosterKids and include a small caption explaining why your child wants to help foster kids. Make sure your accounts are Public so that everyone can see the picture. Remember this is all for a great cause plus there’s a great prize involved- $500 Toys “R” Us gift card for the winning child and a $5,000 donation to the local Mattress Firm Foster Kids nonprofit partner of the winner’s choice.

Read more about

Kid Heroes

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MattressFirm Foster Kids

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*I am part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network & this post and pictures are sponsored by MattressFirm


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