Teaching Kids to Be Responsible

I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and I am struggling trying to teach them responsibility.   I do everything for them. I change the 2 year old’s diapers, clean up their rooms, put their toys away.  If they lost their toy I would replace it for them right away. But I soon realized I need to teach my kids responsibility.

It’s hard though when I share custody with their father while I try to teach my kids responsibility- and I work full time.  Plus Kason ( my 2 year old) goes to daycare all day and it’s hard to teach him anything while he’s gone for most the day, and with his dad on the weekend.

So how do you teach a 2 year old responsibility? Well I started by making a chart and putting it up on the wall. I posted simple things like putting his shoes away, picking up his toys or throwing away garbage. Everytime he did this he would get a gold star on the board.  This excited him and encouraged him to do more of his chores that were listed.  At the end of the week 5 gold stars would equal a dollar. And we would put the money in his piggy bank and when he had enough we would go to the store and get him a toy of his choice that he could afford.  He really loved this.

The other thing I was sick of was the kids constantly asking for a snack. Always pulling on my arm or going into the fridge, so I created a snack basket, which was something my roommate suggested to me. It’s a basket full of healthy snacks sitting somewhere like in the living room.   But it was important I only put healthy snacks, (like veggie sticks, raisins,  dried fruits.. etc)


Putting their toys away  became a huge responsibility.  I would buy them so many toys and they would play with them once then throw them in the back of their closet, creating a ton of clutter.  That’s where Pley comes in.  It is a toy rental company where you rent out toys, they get sent to you- and then when your kids are done, you send them back.   This program teaches them to be responsible because it means they have to play with their toys together,  and be responsible by not breaking them.  They also get to tell me when they are done with the toy and give it back to me  exactly the way it came. This teaches them if they take care of something and treat it with care, they get rewarded by getting a new toy.

If they ruin or break the toy, the game ends. No more toys. So when the first one came I explained that it is your responsibility to take care of this, and if it breaks, no more toys.


Pley is great for reducing clutter and getting rid of those old used toys that no one plays with.   And at $19.99 it’s a great affordable choice for parents that don’t have the extra cash to be spending $50-$100 on one or two new toys that the kids will play with once and throw down.

So teaching your kids responsibility can be easy and even fun! Combined with the snack basket and the sticker board, plus Pley my kids are learning responsibility on their own!

Do you have any ideas on how to teach your kids responsibility?


  1. that sounds like a fun concept!

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