Finding Something to do with your kids on Spring Break with Pley!



It’s Spring Break which means the kids are home ALL week from school.  It also means crowds everywhere and the hardest part? Finding out how to entertain them! TV will only go so far. I found that taking the kids to the local YMCA, the park, the library and the local pool is what entertains them the most.  But what do you do when your stuck in the house? That’s where Pley comes in.

Kason is only 2 1/2 so school doesn’t come into play, he is home all the time. And I’m a work at home mom so when he’s not in daycare here’s here all through the day.  My roommate also has two kids but they are 6 and 8. Kason tries to play with them, but there’s only so much they can do together. There are only so many toys that they can all play with. (Lots of guns and swords) But kids being kids, they get sick of playing with the same toys over and over again. And let’s face it- toys are expensive.

So what do you do with the kids all day on Spring Break? Pley is an online toy service that lets you rent toys and send them back when you’re done.  Pley has such  huge variety of toys to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Right now my son is OBSESSED with all things Star Wars, and of course they have a huge variety of Star Wars toys to pick from.




The choices and selection really are endless, and it starts at only $19.99 a month. I had Kason take a peek at the toys and of course he picked out a Star Wars theme toy. But since the Star Wars toys are legos and he’s a bit young for Legos, I opted for the “Preschool section”  where he could still find Superhero lego sets,  just for  a smaller kid.


The Lego Batcave Adventure is one of those toys that could keep Kason active for hours, while still make him feel like he’s part of the “bigger kids” playing with Legos and Superheros. Rather then buying another $50 Lego set and throwing it in the back of the closet, as soon as this gets old to him, we can send it back in the mail and pick out another toy. Genius right?

Pley has over 500 + toys to choose from, all age ranges all different types. And although Spring Break is almost over, Summer is coming up, and your kids are going to have a lot of free time on their hands.  Don’t opt for the TV or those same old boring toys they played with for weeks on end.


My roommate is also a school teacher and we thought it would be super beneficial for her to sign up for Pley too so she can bring the toys to her classroom where the kids could all play with everything, and then it can be swapped out as soon as they are done. Such an awesome idea!  Visit Pley now to sign up and get your #1 choice of toy.

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