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Hey guys!! I’m back to talk about one of my favorite sites on the internet. If you don’t use Groupon, then you are really missing out.  I use Groupon at least once a month. If you’re unsure about what it is, it is a coupon website that allows you to search by store, category, idea. .etc. For example I wanted to take pictures with my kids about 2 years ago.  Photographers can be extremely expensive, so I was told to try out Groupon.  It was super easy. I went to the site, typed in “Photographs” And Boom. There was a Sears portrait studio BY my house, and I purchased a coupon for a photo package I couldn’t pass up. I basically saved about $100.  So it’s not EXACTLY like printing out a coupon like other sites, you find the deal you want, PURCHASE the deal and then you have the voucher that you can show the company, or you can print it out, I just show the voucher on my phone. The choice is yours.

Me and one of my girlfriends plan most of our trips and day outings on what is on Groupon. Things like the Circus, the Zoo, those things are expensive.  So from time to time, Groupon changes up their coupons and if there is a zoo coupon on their site, we will go there. Especially when you have many kids, a “buy one get one free” Groupon can save you major bucks. I know I’ve easily saved $500 since I’ve found the site about 2 years ago. I use Groupon for my favorite things… keep reading to find out what they are.

Here are some of my favorite current Groupons going on right now. But if you see one you like, you  have to hurry because it doesn’t last forever. Groupon lists the expiration dates, so as long as you buy and use your coupon by the date listed, you’re good to go. And not every Groupon makes you purchase something. There are coupons such as the  “Love your Lashes, Free Maxi Lash Deluxe Sample” at Sephora with any $25 purchase. All you do is print the voucher out and show it to the Sephora counter. Click here to print the coupon.


Groupon partners with my favorite stores to bring you the best coupons.  I hate searching through ads, or coupon sites looking for exactly what you’re looking for. Groupon allows me to search easily by store, category, product, city, basically anything.   Let’s say I’m going to Neiman Marcus today and I want to know what sales I Can Get:


1) Go to click on the “Coupons” field at the bottom of the screen.

2) I like to search “By Store” because I’m only going one place.

3) Automatically the searching is done.  Groupon lists all the Neiman Marcus coupons right there ready for me to go.   When I typed in the store name, here is the list of the coupons that came up.   Free Shipping, 70% off Michael Kors, it’s all right there. And let’s say I’m just going shopping online, well all those coupon codes are available as well. So easy.  Even the most unfamiliar internet user could figure out how to use Groupon. It’s that easy.

I recently used a Groupon Coupon to pick up this Tom Ford Lipstick from Neiman Marcus; Isn’t it Gorgeous??


Right now while browsing Groupon, my favorite coupon is 50% off already reduced clearance items at American Eagle. Wow that is so awesome.  The coupon says over 1900 people used this today. That coupon could save you major bucks Click here to get it,  but hurry it expires on 6/17




Groupon has coupons and deals from thousands of retail chains; many different things to do such as concerts, the zoo, fairs, and the list goes on and on. I check Groupon almost once a day to make sure I’m not missing anything.  I’ve also used Groupon for things such as Botox and medical help. Almost anything you can think of, Groupon has a discount for.

Make sure you sign up for Groupon email notifications when certain things become available. Trust me you don’t want to miss out on the Summer deals and coupons they have in store for you!



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