The New Style Metallic Flash Tats Jewelry




Metallic jewelry is the new hottest thing in jewelry, so I’ve read.  At first I was iffy, it seemed to look faked, cheap and somewhat trashy.  When I was told on a tv show this was the new hot way to style your favorite outfits, I didn’t believe it. After seeing it on several celebs, I decided it was worth a shot.  First of all I want to say I wasn’t paid or sent any samples of jewelry to write this. I’ve been wanting to write this down for a while now, especially since I haven’t seen many fashion blogs writing about this.  Metallic jewelry isn’t in many stores yet, although I did see it in Bebe the other day.




Flash Tats are now sold at Sephora  for around $20 for a sheet, you can put these “tattoo jewelry” on any of your body, (mostly your arms and legs) and it will stay on just like a normal sticker tattoo.  They mostly come in tribal art, but also come in the form of a bracelet or necklace. I don’t think these are meant to appear as an “Illusion Jewelry” I think it’s more of the new futuristic art.  I thought they looked best all over the arms or hands, I didn’t want to put them anywhere else, since I was just simply testing the jewelry out.

Maybe I wore the tats to the wrong place, (a casual wedding) because I put a few around my arm and hand. The tattoo goes on very easy, and it is SO hard to get off.  These don’t come off with just a little bit of soap and water. The instructions say to use “baby oil” and water, so after 2 days I did just that, and I had to scrub all over and the flash tat still didn’t come off. That was probably the biggest negatve I found.  The other negatives were the mixed reactions. Some people liked them others did not. I got a few, “What is that on your arm?” Or, “Why are you wearing fake tattoos” I also got a “Did you just go to the club last night?”  Most of the reactions were confusion, so I really  second guessed wearing the jewelry.  But then I also thought, “Maybe I applied them wrong?” Maybe I’m wearing too many? These are questions I asked. Several people did like it though.

The next day I saw the flash tats in Bebe, and also Sephora. I was pretty shocked to see them in a Sephora because I honestly haven’t seen anyone else wearing these yet. I expect by the end of 2015 these will be worn a lot more. OR maybe it will just be  a “fad” that will die out sooner then later.  It will be interesting to see if these blow up. Maybe if a Kardashian starts wearing them, although I think they might have a little too much money to start wearing fake tribal flash tattoos. OR maybe just the teens will wear these, and being 33, well I guess I’m a little too old….






If you’re interested these are on sale at Sephora, Bebe, or you can find them much cheaper places like Ebay, Etsy or even Amazon. Mine is pictured above, what do you think?


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