Wet-Naps to the Rescue!!! #ShowUsYourMess


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I’m so sad that Summer is almost over.. where did it go? Summer is so fun for our whole family.  Lots of swimming, hanging out with friends and barbequing,  and all that fun  equals MESS. With all the delicious foods that you eat during Summertime, especially when you have TWO Toddlers, things can get  a little “Messy”. Hotdogs, hamburgers, KETCHUP, snowcones and one of the worst, ice cream.

This Summer has been full of big messes. Just to name a few, my daughter got into the bottle of honey and smeared it all over her and her little brother. Total disaster.  She also snagged the tooth paste and decided to make a picture on the rug with it. She took syrup and smeared it all over herself and her little brother AGAIN. And then the next day she took her crayons and markers and decided to use the walls in the house as a canvas for a picture.  I’ve even had 2 incidents where the kids took their diapers off  and smeared poop all over their crib, room and themselves.  It’s the dirty  truth, kids will make a mess of of everything and anything they get their hands on.

Let’s face it, when you have kids especially toddlers that are so interested  in exploring and finding new things, there’s always a mess to be cleaned up. I’m constantly searching for the best products to not only clean up our house and our things, but the kids themselves. Wet-Nap is a product I found on the shelves at Walmart at a super affordable price.   Wet-Naps can be found usually in the Napkin/Paper Goods  aisle, and come in a colorful container that can’t be missed.  It’s now my favorite “go to product” for when my kids make a mess.  We have endless amounts of carpet cleaners, bathroom cleaners.. etc but when  your kids decide to cover themselves in a “sticky” substance like syrup or toothpaste  or when you’re on the go, you need something you can grab right out of your diaper bag to do the job.  And nothing irks me more then a messy child.





My son’s favorite snack is Chocolate. Chocolate equals BIG mess.  But no he doesn’t just love ANY chocolate, he loves chocolate pudding and Jello. He almost demands it after every meal.   One of the biggest times a mess can occur is mealtime. I’ve been struggling for a while to find a product for my child’s sensitive skin that will clean the mess but not irritate.  My daughter and my son both have extremely sensitive skin, and the wrong product could result in a bad rash or dry patchy excema.

Kason is 1 year old and wants his chocolate cupcake flavored pudding.  The other day I decided to give him his usual special treat, and then I ran away for a quick phone call. When I came back he had smeared chocolate  all over his face, hands, floor and the wall.   Right away I sprung into quick emergency clean up mode.  First you have to attack the hands so he can’t touch anything else and then you have to get it off the floor so nobody slips and falls.




SO happy I had my handy dandy Wet-Naps right in the cabinet.  Kason even knows now to grab them and clean his own face.  At Wal-Mart the Wet-Nap is so affordable I grab 3 or 4 at a time.  I keep a large one in the cubbard, and the smaller “on the go” travel Wet-Nap  in my diaper bag.

My kids also love Chocolate syrup. They love it in their milk, on their ice cream and just straight up out of the bottle.  Wet-Nap products are now softer and  easier to use then ever; when I pull out the chocolate syrup I automatically pull out the Wet-Nap box.  It’s just a habit now, they go extremely well together.



Boom we’re all clean again!  Thank you Wet-Nap, now Kason has a nice clean face with clean soft hands.  Time for a drink and a BIG Smile!



Wet-Nap products are already super cheap at your local Wal-Mart but to make it even cheaper, you can click here to get a coupon for 55 cents off.  These amazing little wipes are packed full of aloe vera guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and cleaner. They get rid of 99% percent of all bacteria and come in Natural and Citrus Scent. (I like the citrus scent!) Head on over to your local Walmart and  pick up a few packs,  even if you don’t have kids, everyone battles a mess every now and then.



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