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The school year is starting! If you’re thinking like me, then you’re thinking everyone will be gone during the day, so it’s the time to start thinking about security for your home. If you haven’t already, it’s an important thing.  Thieves are on the loose more then ever lately and we have to protect those belongings that are special to us.  I have so many small sacred things that I treasure, although I realize some people DON’T, I think that number is very few. My husband is one of the many people that would say he has no special trinkets  he would like to hold safe. But Me? That’s a whole other story. From jewelry to notes to baby items, I have so  many things that if stolen I would be devastated. I also have had special things that were near and dear to my heart stolen a long time ago and I remember the horrible feeling of being violated. So if you have as well, you know the feeling, and it’s absolutely gut wrenching depending on what someone steals from you.

Here are some statistics that I found interesting:

For nearly one third of North Americans, a return to routine is their favorite part of the back-to-school season. Consumers’ second favorite back-to-school activity is shopping (20 percent).*
English and reading are North Americans’ favorite school subject (30 percent), followed by science (24 percent) and history (16 percent).*
When it comes to helping students with their homework, parents are least confident helping their kids with math.*
More than half of North American students don’t use a locker to store their belongings – most, opting to carry their belongings with them all day.*
Nearly half of North American parents admitted that their child has had an item stolen from them at school, with the most valuable being their cell phone.*

And although my kids aren’t quite old enough to be going to school, I can only imagine how bad theft will be when they DO go to school. It almost makes me want to homeschool.  So it’s encouraged to have your kids keep their important things SAFE when going to school, or even anywhere just out in public.  If you haven’t heard of Master Lock, it is the world’s largest manufacter of padlocks and other security  products since 1921.   The colorful locks, (seen above) are perfect for school kids.  Called the 1535DWD Master Lock Set Your Own Combination these colorful locks are easy to customize, and easy to use which makes it great for everyone, young and old.  They are perfect for school lockers, cabinets and other things similar. I only wish I had these when I was in high school. I would have saved myself so much grief from having cds, money and much more stolen from me.  And I’m obsessed with the gorgeous pink and the bright turquoise.  Select styles come in black or white with the bright panel colors (seen above) and were created for easy use and easy memory of passwords, great for kids and teenagers.  Even people that are a bit older that have a hard time keeping their stuff protected will find these locks much easier then your basic lock you would buy at a hardware store.   All the colors featured were inspired by  2014 Pantone Fashion Report. They sell for about $10 and are so worth it. If youou have any high school kids that use lockers or cabinets, or maybe you have a gym locker that isn’t that safe, this is a must.


Another safety “Must Have” is the 5900 Safe Space– $19.99  (Seen above)

Ideal for recreation, campus, office, travel or leisure useLightweight & Portable. Protects MP3 players, cell phones, cameras, gaming devices, cash, credit cards, jewelry, keys, passports, sunglasses or other small valuables

Lock Up & Lock Down. Lock up valuables with the cable wrapped tightly to the safe or wrapped securely around a fixed object. Cable doubles as a carrying handle
Durable Water-Resistant Construction
Set-Your-Own-Combination for locking convenience
Ear Bud/Charging Cable Access Port
Shock absorbing foam lines the interior storage area

 I use this for money, a cell phone, or important papers that I cannot lose. Of course that would suck if you lost the entire thing, but usually this is something you would put in a secret place and no one  could open it up.


The MasterLock Dialspeed 1500EDBx is another great option for safety such as cabinets and storage lockers.

And here’s the best part... .

Win prizes in the Master Lock Back to School Game!

Master Lock is dialing up back-to-school fun for students and parents with an interactive online game. Now through September 7, you can enter the Master Lock Photo Hunt Challenge for your chance to win more than 65 prizes, including daily instant win prizes, weekly prizes and one grand prize: a Samsung Smart Media Center Package that includes a 60” HD 1080p Smart LED HDTV!

Master Lock Twitter Party details:
Join the Master Lock Twitter Party with @ResourcefulMom on August 5th at 8 PM EST. RSVP here and use #MasterBackToSchool to participate.

So make sure your kids/students are “back to school savvy” with Masterlock keeping things safe.  Don’t wait till it’s too late to protect your most important belongings.


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