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One of my favorite topics on this blog is SHOES!  You know me I LOVE Shoes.. all different kinds. And now that I’m a  mommy I can happily say my kids love shoes too. I love spoiling them with cute designs for their feet, there are so many stylish shoes out there. But there aren’t many shoes that last, especially for toddlers. Toddlers get into all kinds of dirt,  mud and so  much more so when you’re spending big bucks on shoes, (since most toddler shoes are a little pricey) you want something durable and easy to clean.

I currently have two toddlers, a 3 year old and a 1 year old.  They both have several pairs of my favorite brand for kids, Pediped.  I swear by these shoes, they are so rock solid and I’m constantly getting compliments on how cute they are.  If you’re unaware of the brand, here’s a little back story:



“pediped was created in 2004 by a husband and wife after their first daughter was born. They wanted a to create a shoe that would be both stylish and comfortable, could be worn inside and out, and that were healthy for their daughters. After extensive research they began the company which has become one of the fastest growing footwear brands in the US and has quickly expanded to all over the world. pediped is commonly pronounced as ped-ie-ped, but is actually pronounced pe[e]-di-ped. Imagine yourself saying the word pedi (as in Pediatrician) – pediped is pronounced the same way.”

Pediped was my son’s very first shoe, and he is still wearing them to this day, (even though he cannot walk yet) He’s even wearing the shoes in his family picture, (pictured below)


Our current pediped Summer Sneakers are for my daughter and are my favorite neon color right now.  The Grip N Go Riddell shoes are currently on sale for $34 and are a colorful lavender and yellow.  Mila wears them when we go to the gym, she loves to run around in these fun playful shoes. When she gets them dirty, they are extremely easy to clean and what I love most about all Pediped shoes, as you can see above is the rubber soles. It makes it easier for to run around and play with less fear of tripping or your shoes sticking.  They are also extremely soft making for extra comfort. My daughter is extremely picky on all shoes she wears and she will not wear anything that is the slight bit uncomfy and won’t even consider wearing flip flops because she doesn’t like the thing between her toes.  The Grip N Go Riddell are her go to shoes right now, and she is barely wearing anything else.


The picture really doesn’t do the shoe justice. It’s just so pretty and classic. And the yellow is much brighter in person too.   They are sold out on the Pediped site right now, but  both my kids  have the Original Pedipeds in different colors, and I’m telling you, these are my favorite brand of toddler shoes. They don’t dissapoint, and every pair is as good as when we first bought them.  The leather is easy to clean with a leather cleaner and we still have their newborn shoes and each pair  in between. (Because I have a slight obsession with keeping my kids shoes)


Pediped has a wide variety of shoes; for newborns all the way up to young adults.  Pediped is having a huge sale right now. You can purchase the sneakers that my daughter has for $35 which is an amazing price for the quality you are getting. So visit Pediped, and tell me which pair is your favorite, and get the chance to win your own pair of Pedipeds!!!!

Follow the Rafflecopter prompts below for the chance to win your own pair.  You won’t be ableto pick which shoes you win, but you will be able to pick the gender. Pediped will surprise you and take care of the rest!

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