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Summer is here which means cute outfits, bright colors and bright fun jewelry.  Most of you know by now the Summer trend consists of chevron prints, bulky loud jewelry and cute floral rompers. I knew when I started this blog I strictly wanted  to talk about fashion, and I knew that I wanted to share only affordable style. The main reason I’m so obsessed with Our World Boutique, is the prices are crazy low.   I would say most of their business revolves around their super cute jewelry, but they also sell clothing.

So in case you need to get caught up on what’s trending right now for 2014, here’s a quick breakdown:


Floral Prints- Floral prints are so hot right now. To me they have always been hot so I’ve been wearing flowers for as long as I can remember. But right now they are especially popular, mostly on dresses and blouses. The Best Buds Sun Dress is perfect for Summer and my must have from Our World Boutique. It’s on sale for $36, and was originally $69.


Costume Jewelry   Chunky bold large necklaces are the biggest thing to hit fashion boutiques since denim jeans.  I’ve noticed every store I walk into has huge bright neon colored necklaces. The bigger the better.  Nothing compliments a cute top then an even cuter necklace to match.  Maybe what makes these pieces so popular is the price per necklace is usually under $20, sometimes even less then 10.   The On the Rocks Statement Necklace comes in 4 colors and can turn a plain white top into a gorgeous ensemble.  And the best part? It’s $15.


Maxi Dresses- When I first saw Maxi Dresses were the new thing, I was bummed out, this was probably the one thing I didnt’ think I would be able to pull off. Being 4’11 I have short stubby legs, and these dresses are meant for tall rail thin girls. That is soo not the case. Anyone can pull of one of these dresses even if you’re shorter then me. Sometimes if you don’t think you have the body type for a specific dress, you might be wearing the wrong size OR try an accent piece such as a fashion belt or jacket to go with it. Anyone can wear a Maxi Dress, you just have to find the right one. And the Bubblegum Earn your Stripes Maxi Dress is a gorgeous flattering pink. The dress comes in a variety of other colors and it’s only $17. A dress for under $17 is a rare find.


Rompers- My personal favorite is Rompers. I have so many in every style; lace, floral, denim, you name it. Being as short as I am, rompers are perfect. Not only are they adorable but they are super comfortable. If you’re feeling fat or bloated a romper will be great because they are loose and easy to wear.  They can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood.

Chevron Print- The Chevron Print has been popular for a while now, in all sorts of different colors and patterns.  The Easy Going Chevron Romper comes in a couple different colors, and comes with pockets on the side.  Words can’t describe how comfortable it is, and how well it fits.   It can be worn with flip flops, or high heels. Daytime, nighttime, it works with both. I wore this to a friend’s little girl’s Frozen Bday party, and then wore it out to dinner with my husband, so that tells you it works for all occasions. Right now its on sale for $28.


I love Our World Boutique and every piece they carry. If you’re like me, you may be thinking , “Well it’s super cheap because the quality is probably bad” but the quality of both the jewelry and the clothing is equal to, or even better then the  high end retail shops you might be familiar with.   Right now Our World Boutique is offering 25% off all their new arrivals and free shipping on orders over $15. Yep, only $15.

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All pieces and much more are available at Our World Boutique Find them On Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram.


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