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Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while! I noticed most bloggers that blog  a LOT don’t have kids or a full time job or a completely crazy life! Just sayin. Life gets a little stressful around here with so much to do and two toddlers running around.  I’m so backed up. Yes I’m FINALLY posting my Easter look. I actually wore 3 different dresses on Easter weekend which I posted last week on my Instagram post. And thank you for letting me know that the first look wasn’t so flattering. It’s so funny when you can’t really decide if a dress looks like total shit or not, all you have to do is take a picture  and post it on a social media site and people WILL tell you the truth. It’s highly appreciated.  I have some really cool looks coming up on my blog, but here is my outfit I wore Easter Day.  It started off as a normal nice Easter morning, till I puked my guts out around noon and had to leave my Mom’s house early. Turns out I got a horrible stomach bug that is going around, my husband and kids picked it up the following days, followed by all my friends. It really is fucking horrible, because it starts off as nausea and turns into full blown puking. Mine lasted about 3 days, went to my husband and came back to me for a day. I hope its gone for good and NEVER returns.

White Mountain Shoes is a company I came across on the net that sells really cute Summer sandals, so I thought you all should check them out. My obsession with mint is continuing so I was excited when I opened my mailbox and found the Chrysalis Mint and Gold Sandals (On sale for $52.88 regular $69) Let me tell you, the pictures do NOT do these any justice. The bling is so outrageous on these. Sometimes when I’m wandering through the mall, I see these sandals with gems and rhinestones all over them that look more like they are for my grandma and just have no “pizazz!” These are much  more youthful looking, and when I wore them I got several compliments of people asking me where I found them.

Most shoe companies online sell your favorite brands, or sell general sandals/shoes that you can find anywhere. They suck you in by giving you a good sale or a good return policy. White Mountain Shoes really has amazing customer service, fast shipping and great deals. I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed. White Mountain shoes CAN be found at department stores however such as Macys, and also QVC.   Here’s a quick look of what I wore on Easter if you haven’t seen it up on Instagram already

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                                                         Dress is from Black Butterfly Boutique/Shoes from White Mountain/necklace from Tillys/bracelet from Giggleosophy/SammyDress/

Visit White Mountain Shoes here and get 22% off their shoes by using ILOVEMOM code at checkout. Make  sure you find them on Facebook and Twitter too.






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