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Hey guys! I’ve been a little MIA lately but life has been so busy lately. Not only have I been preparing for Easter, (baking things and cooking while each thing goes horribly wrong!) but i’ve been spending time with my little muffins and I have a great giveaway coming up tomorrow that I will fill all you beauties  in on later!  Me  & my husband are having a debate that I’m so sure I’m right about. He thinks selfies are “immature” and “conceited” Personally I’ve been taking selfies a long time now, long before they were entitled “selfie”  I do it not only to show my readers what I’m wearing but also because I will like my makeup look. Now I think I’m entitled to this being a blogger, but I really don’t think there is anything wrong with a harmless “selfie” as long as it’s not too revealing.  What do you think?

I  have been wondering for a while now what I was going to wear on Easter Sunday. The day before Easter which is yesterday we went to a huge church service and out to dinner with some friends so I wanted to look the part. The first dress was a bust, my husband said it made me look a little overweight. I took a harmless “selfie” and when I looked back at the pic I hated it too. It was the original dress I had planned to wear on Easter, but I axed it as soon as I saw the pic. See what I mean? Selfies can give you a good first hand look of how you really look in something or how a certain makeup look looks on you. There are many reasons I take the selfie, so me and my husband are still having the ongoing fued.




First look- a little frump? I think so. I’m going to have the dress taken in to make it look a little more “for my size” It was a bit too big and made me look a little top heavy.


First dress is a cute little maxi dress called the “Polly Pocket Dress” which I have in red and stripes a little bit farther down the post. I love it because it fits me well and has cute little pockets. So casual yet can be dressy as well. I paired it with a necklace I bought from my local tanning boutique, another necklace from Tilly’s and my new White Mountain Chyrsalis Mint & Gold Sandals.. (on sale now for $56!) The dress is super comfy and my makeup was casual but I tried to put in some pastel Easter makeup for the holiday. (Will be cross posted on my beauty blog) Also wearing a cross bangle courtesy of Princess Dominique. (She has an amazing blog go check her out) and a few more bangles from Persunmall Stay tuned for a fabulous giveaway from White Mountain Shoes if you’re interested in owning the same pair or a different pair of your choosing from their website.




This is the dress I wore yesterday yes it’s quite similar to the first one, but for some reason I’ve been loving pink lately. Shame on me I can’t remember where I purchased this one, but i love the silk underneath and the fit. I paired it with my necklace from (Daily Look) I think it’s sold out now. And if you can’t tell what my theme is, mint and pink are my favorite color pairing look as of lately. And if it’s not mint it’s something else because I just can’t get away from the color! Oh how I love pastels. And my pumps are on sale at Forever 21 for $15, I bought them in 3 fabulous different colors. They are probably the most comfortable heels/pumps I own, and I really want to go back and buy every single color but my husband stopped me. Which dress do you like best?  Here is the link for the pumps if you’re interested. Forever 21 also just came out with a new coral color which I’m LOVING!





Here’s a couple other turquoise outfits I put together, along with  the dress I wore last week to church. Just thought I’d share a little bit of my Instagram outfits with you guys since personally for me, those are the type of posts I like to see the best. Enjoy and Happy Easter! ! !!

easter1- easter12easter7 easter12



  1. All of those dresses look great…well, the first one, I agree, not flattering so much, which is crazy seeing how tiny you are in the other dresses! I’d say your man has a good eye!

  2. love that last dress! so pretty.

  3. no wtf is a selfy

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