Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys


Oh my god is Valentine’s Day really tomorrow? Wow I wrote this post a little bit late, but if you’re scrambling to find that perfect someone in your life the perfect gift I have a couple quick ideas for you. Me and my girlfriends were scrambling today trying to figure out what we should do for the men in our life and we came up with a few ideas. Listen, men don’t want candy and balloons, cards, etc. Especially not teddy bears. No way, they want simple things. Food, sex.. blah blah.  So here are a few simple ideas especially if you’re strapped for cash.

1) Booze If you’re guy likes to drink, then get him a great bottle of wine, or hey maybe just his favorite type of beer. My husband does not drink but  if he did I would get him an amazing bottle of his favorite drink.  This is great for all stages of dating, but if you are just newly dating a guy this one works the best because it’s casual. It’s like flowers for girls! Just attach a little note and you’re good to go. (Well if he’s a good guy)

3) Food– The key to a man’s heart is food. If I could cook my favorite idea for Valentine’s Day would be making my man his favorite meal, but since I can’t you can always take him out, or get some actual “take out” bring it home and suprise him. Any guy would love that.

4) Sex– Ummm yah that says it all. This is probably #1 for a guy. If you ask a man what he wants for Valentine’s Day this is going to be on top of their list. Especially if he got you something amazing, just return the favor. Dress up, be naked, get some lingerie, that’s perfect for any man.

5) Sexy Underwear- This is kind of in the same category as the last idea, but this is the gift that you get as well. You buy it of course, but slip into it before he comes home and it’s the perfect Valentine’s Gift. Trust me it works. 🙂


2) Tickets to a game – what guy doesn’t like sports? Well some don’t but it’s few and far between. Get him tickets to his favorite basketball or football game. And hey it doesn’t have to be too expensive, you can always get him some lawn seats, those are always much appreciated too. And if he’s not too fond of sports get him tickets to his favorite show or favorite group/band/singer. Then the gift is for you too because I’m sure he will be taking you.

So I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day from me and my baby boy! (Who is sick right now but still puts a smile on his little face!) 





And of course the baby girl!!



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