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This one is for all you mommies out there!  Currently me and my family are living in a really small house. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a shack or a 1 room apartment, it’s a house with 3 bedrooms but with 2 kids and 3 other stepkids it’s wayy too small for us. And when your kids have toys then the toys start to quickly take over the whole entire house.  I have already purchased a nice expensive toy box for both kids. One blue for Kason and pink for my Mila. But of course the toy boxes are already full. And for HUGE toys, of course they don’t fit in the toybox, and the extra small toys shouldn’t be thrown in a huge toy box either so the big toys automatically go in the garage, and I was still trying to figure out where to put all the tiny tiny toys. You know all the little figures and blocks that I don’t want the baby to pick up and put in his mouth. This is why I was so excited about ToyTainer, a brand exclusive to Target.

You’re probably wondering what ToyTainer is, and at first I thought it was just a toybox. But no, it’s a toy AND storage for OTHER toys.  Still confused? Pay attention, my kids now have one of each product from ToyTainer, and it has helped so much with our storage issues.


We decided to use the ToyTainer  Doll House for her dolls and toys.  It easily hangs on most doors, but as you can see we hung it on the window. I never know where to put Mila’s dolls or stuffed animals so I thought this was fitting. Not only does it have storage for any kind of toy, but it’s great for maybe toys that you don’t want your kids to be able to reach on their own, AND it’s also a fun dollhouse. I know it’s hard to tell from the picture, but the background is little doll house rooms so it can be used for playtime. Great idea right?  I love it, plus I think it would make an amazing gift.


This invention is my favorite from ToyTainer. Well this and the boy’s version which is next up.  The Princess Castle Fold-N-Go is fun because it hangs from the door really easily, while still allowing you to  close the door. We put Mila’s books and magazines and smaller stuffed animals in this. The compartments are a bit smaller but still great to put things like this, also maybe crayons, pencils or paper. Smaller toys like figures and little blocks or balls can be placed here too. The bottom she can easily grab  on her own, but the top things she needs help with, which is of course another thing you would consider when placing your toys in this.  I love that it is machine washable too, not that it will get dirty, but you never know. Mila has tried to rip it off the wall several times.  Love it. It also turns into a play castle, even with a fold out mirror and drawbridge.  Clever clever.


This is the boy’s version of the princess castle, in the form of a  Game Centre.  Let me also mention that both can fold up for easy traveling. Everything from ToyTainer allows for travel, easy storage and fun.   We haven’t used this as a target board,  but it’s also for basketball which is what we have used it for. Actually it’s kind of silly but we have been using this for laundry. We dunk the laundry and throw it through the hoop. Ha! We HAVE been needing a new hamper, this is perfect for a little boy. And it’s also perfect as he gets older; will probably suffice until he’s at least 10! You know how boys NEVER want to pick up their clothes off the floor? Solution solved! Not that this is what it’s meant for, but hey, just another way you can use ToyTainer’s products. This was my favorite product out of the haul.  It also goes great with Kason’s room which is already themed with sports and especially basketball.


These are only up in the closet because our space in the toyroom is extremely almost non-existent. Plus I used these for storage to the max. This is the Ice Cream Truck & Fire Truck. These are Mila’s favorites from Toytainer. She loves playing with car and running with them all over the house, another reason they are put up on the shelf.  Something about a car or bike or anything with wheels WITH storage really entertains children.  Mila also has a shopping cart that she runs around with everywhere. She loves to run with her babydolls and all her toys packed into the cart. I’m not sure I remember doing this when I was a child, but I’m sure all toddlers did this. She takes the ice cream truck for example and stuffs all her favorites in the storage and runs all over the house. The only thing missing is the ice cream truck music!  So when the day  of playing is over, I make her pick up her toys and stuff them in the truck, cover it up and we put it back on the shelf. So the next time she’s playing she can bring it right back out.


This is the bulldozer.  Do I need to say more? I left it as is, just how Mila left it.  And just like the ice cream/fire truck she runs around with this with her baby doll in tow.  Yes she has taken it apart, but it does have a little scooper to scoop up the toys. Maybe she will get that part when she’s older!

013 014

My kids are sitting on the EZ-Mat from ToyTainer. This one is pink but it also comes in blue. Kason doesn’t mind at all that this one is pink!  Washable and waterproof, any spill is ok for it and it can also be wrapped up for easy travel. I love letting the baby play on it because he’s constantly spitting up and throwing up and all those fabulous things that babies do.  The best part of this is you can also collect toys and gather this together as a bag for all your toys. This was the first product I saw from ToyTainer on another blog and I was completely intrigued. I knew my kids could benefit from ToyTainer, what kid wouldn’t be? Most people struggle for space if their kids are spoiled like mine with tons of toys. We have a whole room that goes only to toys and they are still spilling over. I hope that ToyTainer comes out with more fun products that I can collect.

015 017

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Mila is playing with the ToyTainer ShoeBox which is also an awesome concept.  It comes in three different colors and toys, a castle, farm and city.  She is playing with the “City” It’s a box that folds out into a little play area, then folds back into a storage box. Mila loves to put her toys in the box and fold it up, then place it in her closet. She puts all her little “Doc Mcstuffins figures” in it.

Here are some more pictures of the kids having fun with ToyTainer


027 026 020


 All products are available exclusive to Target. Visit ToyTainer’s website for more information.

And guess what the best part is? One winner is going to win everything that my kiddos got… $100 value! Fill out the form below and cross your fingers!

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  1. They are beautiful babies. Thanks for the giveaway I have been looking into the Toytainers for sometime now deciding what would be used most.

  2. Jennifer Schroeder says:

    What a great idea! I love it! My kids would love it too!

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