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Guess what time of year it is? Time for one of my favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day! Men, you should really read this post because let me tell you what we DON’T want! We don’t want cheesy ugly flowers, or crappy candy that you bought from Walgreens. And I especially don’t want those cheap flimsy baskets you buy on the corner of some ghetto street. You know the ones with the teddy bear and a balloon in it. I’m speaking for most women when I say I want jewelry, romance or something that shows you love me.  Roses aren’t bad either. But one of my favorite ideas is a custom made Valentine’s Day locket from Pictures on Gold. I’m extremely familiar with this company because I’ve purchased a couple lockets in the past from them.  I actually have lockets for both of my kids. Something they can have to remember me by when I’m gone. I will show you that picture in a bit, but we are here to talk about Valentine’s Day.


There’s just something so special about a locket. My great Aunt gave me one when I was little and I still have it, although she passed almost 15 years ago. It is very special to me and I hold it close to my heart. It’s odd though because I never wear them, I’m too afraid to lose it.  It’s more of a keepsake.


But imagine if your husband, wife or significant other gave you a romantic Valentine’s Day locket.  I can’t think of a gift that would mean more.  It’s so easy to make your locket. Pictures on Gold walks you through the steps. You get to pick the chain, and then there is a personalized “what it would look like” icon so you can tell what the locket is really going to look like once it’s done.  The best part of Pictures on Gold is they engrave the picture INTO your locket so it’s not a flimsy picture that can keep falling out. And it’s color. It makes it look so fancy and professional.

These are the two lockets I purchased for my kids from Pictures on Gold a while back. One is for my baby girl daughter, and the other for my son. Each contains a picture of them on one side and a picture of them alone on the other. The front has their names and date of birth. The Build Your Own Locket process has never been easier.





Gorgeous right? Those photos are custom laser engraved. I hope they last forever. So this Valentine’s Day, I obviously couldn’t get my husband one of these lockets, so I decided to get my Mother one of me and her that she could treasure forever. The front has hearts and the middle has a phrase that states, “Thank you for being the best Mom ever, I love you” And the right side has a picture of me and her in our matching sunglasses.




So are you convinced yet? If this isn’t the best gift idea you’ve ever heard of, then you’re nuts! And hey, if you don’t want to give a gift you can always keep it for yourself and put a cute picture of you and your kids, or your husband or even your pet. The possibilities are endless.   So hurry up and order your Valentine’s Day locket now, all my readers are going to receive a 10% off coupon code, use valentine2014 at checkout. Visit Pictures On Gold and check out all the different things you can create. 

And right now one of my readers is going to win their own personalized locket. ($250 value) To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below, but I must tell you , your prize will not be fulfilled until after Valentine’s Day



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