Photography’s meaning is to capture a moment that is gone forever.

The tall girl, dressed in a new Valentino red dress, wears some black Giuseppe Zanotti basic pumps and is walking on the 5th avenue like a total diva. The New York fashion photographer takes pictures of her looks, as her hair plays with the wind and her eyes sparkle. People on the street admire quietly the process, it all looks so current and simply awesome. The result will surely be just like the process-amazing. Photography is a huge part of fashion, as there are many fashion photographers doing jobs for magazines, runway shows and many other chic events. It is a tough industry, but in the end that is how we, the average people get to see high fashion and fancy clothes without being present at a runway show and only by looking at the photographs.

It takes years for a photographer to learn how to take the right pictures and it takes years for a model to learn how to pose and how to connect with the camera. Besides fashion, photography is now present in the life of all the people who have Internet access and who are attending weddings or graduation parties. If you are traveling you are taking pictures of everything you find interesting. If you are attending a party you are taking pictures of your friend dancing and drinking and if you are bored you just take a “selfie. “Selfie” basically is a new word. You may not know it, but it means a photo of yourself taken by yourself. People make so many “selfies” that it was necessary inventing a new word for this kind of photos to define them. It is simply interesting to understand the way photography evolved. 10 years ago people were not so obsessed with taking pictures of themselves in the mirror in order to show a new fashionable look they got. It is not a problem anymore not having people around you, if you want to take a photo of yourself, you can make it on your own. Mobile telephones nowadays have an integrated extra camera in front, just to make easier the process of photographing yourself.

Photography may have changed drastically and it seems that is not that big of an art anymore, but in the end it has a special meaning it had since it appeared. Photography’s meaning is to capture a moment that is gone forever.




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  1. I regret not taking more pictures throughout my life. There are so few of family members that have passed, vacations that have faded from my memory… I admit I take terrible pics, but a bad picture is better than none.

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