My Post Baby Diet Story

As most of you know I had a baby 7 months ago and I still have about 8 pounds more to lose. It’s been tough but it’s slowly coming down little by little. I gained a large amount this pregnancy and as many of you know. There is n othing more gratifying then having a baby. My little Kason is my bundle of joy, and I love him so much. All the pain and agony of childbirth, labor, pregnancy, all the late night aches and hurts were all worth it for me, but the cost? Post baby weight that I just haven’t lost! 6 months after giving birth, shouldn’t it be gone by now? What do I do? Eat right, work out.. blah blah. What really works?  My biggest fear is people asking me that horrible question, “When are you due?” and NOT being pregnant.  No one wants that “flap” that is left after having a baby. Some women never lose it.   Yes you’ve gained a baby but you’ve lost self confidance and the lost all the good feelings you used to feel when trying on cute new clothing.  You become self consience in pictures, and find yourself “sucking in” your tummy when wearing a tighter outfit. Oh the joys of having a child…


Losing the weight around your mid section and tummy is super tough. Many women will always have that “pooch” as I like to call it and will never lose it. I however am determined to lose the last of my flab, and I actually have. Woo hoo! So I thought I’d share my post baby regimen with all you fabulous readers.

First off, if you’ve just had a baby, here are some tips to shed the pounds right away:

1) Breastfeed– I opted not to do this 1 week after giving birth for various reasons. But this really is the #1 key to losing the weight after a baby. It causes your uterus to go right back to normal, shrinking your body back to what it used to be. I however found breast feeding difficult, so I decided to scratch that idea.


2) Eat Right– Yes it may sound easy but it’s not easy as one would think. The key word is, “discipline”  I found after having my son, I had an intense craving for sweets. Sweets of all kind, especially candy and soda. After doing extensive research I also realized this is the #1 cause of belly fat. For some reason I could not cut out the candy or dessert. Ladies, if you can do this then you will lose the weight extremely fast!. Stay away from soda, candy, ice cream, cake, cookies .. all that.

3) Drink meal replacement drinks: Slim Fast, Meal Bars, Carnation Instant Breakfasts, drink lots of water. Cut out sugary salty snacks. I ate healthy granola with yogurt, low fat milk, and bananas. For lunch I drank a Slim Fast Drink  or meal replacement bar (By Slim Fast of course) For dinner, a vegetable and a meat. (Chicken with broccoli or steak) At this time I allowed myself one “cheat” like a dessert of 1 soda. One of my favorite “meal supplements” was Right Size Smoothies. Here is the link. It’s an amazing fat burning smoothie.






4) Work Out  I did sit ups through out the day all day. This is the best way to get rid of the belly fat. It’s also the only way. I went to the gym at least every other day and did 1 hour of cardio. I plan on doing a yoga program to get super trim soon. I really want to tone up and get in the best shape I can be. If you can’t afford a gym membership, jog around the block, take super long walks or find a yoga studio around you that works on donations only. I found a really cool yoga place down the street from me in Arizona that works off donations ONLY, so if you’re interested in knowing more you can always email me.

5) Get lots of sleep, don’t stress:   Believe it or not stress can really put on the pounds and make you “not look your best.  Sleep is also great because think about it, When you’re sleeping, you’re NOT eating. The more rest the better. And the more exercise you do, the better rest you will get.  The most weight I ever lost was when I was care free and left with no stress.  Some can have the opposite reaction, less stress? Eat more! Not me.. less stress meant I was relaxed and more willing and able to exercise, eat right and focus on what means the most to me.

6) Stay Motivated Simple things can get you off track. A fight with your boyfriend, a delicious dinner out with friends, a night at the club surrounded by drinks… keep your final goal in mind and you won’t stray. It can be hard at times, but just think about the end result. A great body and more self confidence. This is what kept me going strong.

7) Lay off The Booze. It’s another belly fat no no. At this point, I haven’t drank any alchohol at all.  Beer is fattening and sugary drink contain lots of calories.  If you’re like me, you want a margarita or a wine cooler. Have you seen the calories or sugar in these ? You’re better off having an ice cream eating marathon! Stay away!

Remember it’s all about discipline. I won’t lie, there were many moments I cheated. One week I sprlurged on candies and ice cream.  Keep a diary of what you ate or what exercise you did.  Write down your goals and what you want to achieve. Find a hobby that takes away from boredom, which in turn can make you watch more Tv and eat more. Have more sex. It’s exercise after all.  Stay away from clubs and bars. Sitting, drinking and eating is all that’s accomplished at these places, neither of which you want to do. I ate McFlurrys and Dairy Queen when I strayed from my goal. It was my weakness It’s one thing that I break down on. Another one is the fattening Starbucks drinks. All the whipped cream and caramel added up for me. If I could splurge on one fattening intake it would be a large Caramel Frapp with whipped cream smothered with chocolate.  But if you stick to my key points above, I promise you will lose the belly fat sooner then later.  I gained 60 pounds with my first pregnancy and only 25 with my second, but surprisingly the second was harder to take off. I did lose the weight, but the midsection fat lingered. I finally took it off using all the steps above. Good luck!  Remember having a baby is worth all of the pain and suffering, but we all want our pre baby bodies back.  We all can’t afford expensive trainers!  So good luck ladies!!




  1. amy pugmire says:

    I think you look amazing! You would never be able to tell you even had a baby. 🙂 If I ever have one last baby I will be trying the shakes they look tasty.

  2. I have three kids, and I gained 60 pounds(!) with each. I was able to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight after each. I give all the credit to breastfeeding.

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