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For as long as I can remember I’ve been hating my hair. I’ve always envied people who either had perfectly straight hair or gorgeous curly hair. I am however unfortunatly in between the two. I have wavy frizzy and just plain gross locks! It’s also extremely dry.  It’s most likely from the years of bleaching and going from dark to blonde, blonde to red, blah blah the list goes on. All the heat from curling it, straightening it, anything you can think of I’ve done to my hair. So needless to say it’s pretty damaged. I’ve always wanted to be able to blow it dry it straight like they do in the hair salon but that never seemed to work either, it would always come out FRIZZY! So I’ve came to the conclusion that my biggest challenge is the F word. Yes, FRIZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And forget about my  hair! My daughter has even frizzier hair! I hope she grows out of it soon!!!! It’s hard to brush through and here’s a sneek peek at her morning do!


Frizzy mess!!!

Dove and Walmart are coming together to help Mom’s with the Biggest Hair Care Challenge. (Sorry kids AND Mila, children aren’t included) Moms have absolutely no time on their hands, that is why Dove is helping all you mommys out there by finding out the best hair care solution for you without the hot expensive tools we have become so accustomed to.

Quit googling and buying all those fancy hair care products; instead Dove has a lot of information such as videos and coupons, also tricks to help you get the glamorous hair you want.  Included is a $1.50 off coupon for Dove products  to get you started. Click here to get to the site for lots of great info and resources.



Good luck beauties! Wishing you all the best luck in your hair ventures!!! xoxoxoxo


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  1. I haven’t tried Dove products for my hair, but it sounds like it’s an affordable and quality thing to try. i have also had every color and every style possible-always envying girls with perfect shiny hair that just dries perfect. My daughter’s hair is even crazier than mine-she’s 16 so ‘its the end of the world’ some mornings.

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